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Our History


We began our journey by following the examples of the most modern private clinics in North America and Western Europe.

1995 1995


We were the first Lithuanian medical institution to purchase a CT scanner. For a long time, this was the only machine available in the country. We were among the first to adopt an integrated quality management system ISO and Med.I.S., Lithuanian eHealth record programme.

1995 1995


The trust of our patients has allowed us to grow our staff from 20 to 200 doctors. Today, we offer the widest selection of healthcare services in Lithuania among private health service providers.

Since 1995 Since 1995

Bigger home

We entered our second decade with the opening of a new 3000 sqm block. This new block featured state of the art operating theatres, wards, and consulting rooms.

2005 2005
mdgc pastatas

New name

With the view to representing the wide spectrum of our services more accurately, we changed our name Medical Diagnostic Centre into the more encompassing Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

2010 2010


Our Laboratory Diagnostic Centre was the first in Lithuania to be accredited with the international ISO 15189 standard, which is specifically awarded to medical laboratories. This accreditation is the highest international acknowledgement of the guaranteed accuracy and reliability of the tests performed in the lab of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

2011 2011

Approved by experts

We were voluntarily accredited by the standard Treatment Abroad, Code of practice which attests to the high-quality services and the best practices of the development of medical tourism. Our Centre is so far the only medical institution in the Baltics to have obtained this certificate.

2012 2012


We initiated the establishment of the Lithuanian Medical Cluster which now unites us with 16 medical, rehabilitation, SPA, and accommodation businesses and specialized tourism agencies.

2013 2013


We opened a new 900 sqm facility with consultation and examinations rooms, upgraded the interior and our test equipment, and further expanded our range of services.

2014 2014


We became the first medical facility in northern Europe to be certified with two international German standards of medical tourism TEMOS (Trust. Effective medicine. Optimized services).
In the same year, we achieved accreditation from Joint Commission International (JCI), the recognized global leader in health standard accreditation.

2015 2015


We celebrated our 20th anniversary with our patients, partners, and friends.

2015 2015

Keep moving forward

We upgraded our Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Centre which is revolutionizing the way we look at rehabilitation, and we introduced new hydrotherapy services.

2016 2016


We established an annual prize for the best 5th year student of the Faculty of Medicine, Vilnius University. We also created a training facility for medical students.

2017 2017


We upgraded the Centre facilities and equipment again. Valuing the opinion of our patients, we moved the Family Medicine Centre to a separate block.

2019 2019


More than 200 different healthcare facilities in Lithuania use our services. We cooperate with health and life insurance companies in Lithuania and abroad.

2020 2020

Our investment

Our investment totals EUR 3.4 million.
We have upgraded our MRI, endoscopy, optometry and surgical equipment, and we have installed the most advanced diagnostic laboratory equipment.

2020–2022 2020–2022

We are closer to you

We have opened two new centres in different locations:
the Family Medicine Centre and the Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Centre.

2022 2022
Reabilitacijos centras iskures ParkTown