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Confidentiality assurance

We understand how are important your personal data. As we take care about your confidentiality we will not use your name inviting you come to the reception. Physicians offices at our centre are indicated by neutral denominator and if you visit our Centre to receive services of plastic–aesthetic surgery or dermatology you may use the private entrance.

The Centre executing its activities follows the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Rights of Patients and Compensation of the Damage to their Health and other legal acts. Your right of privacy will be ensured, i. e., all employees of the Centre directly involved in patient's treatment and care have the obligation to observe the principle of confidentiality.

All information related to your health and healthcare is confidential and can be shared with the third parties only with your written consent or in the cases defined by other legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. According to the Laws of the Republic of Lithuania information abut your health status can be disclosed by telephone only in case it is possible to identify the person calling by telephone. If during the treatment you change your mind regarding the person who may receive such information, please sign another consent form and specify other persons. If you personally are not able to sign other agreement / consent form, this can be done by your authorised legal representative.