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How to make an appointment

You can make an appointment at our Centre by all common methods, however the most convenient way is to do this by internet.

You can register for the service at the Medicine Diagnostics and Treatment Centre by:

If all receptionists are busy and you fail to contact us, we will see your call as unanswered one. We will call you back as soon as we have an unoccupied receptionist, usually it happens in 2 hours or on the next working day.
We will answer your call 24 hours 7 days per week.

If you are a foreigner, please make an appointment by telephone:

or by e-mail: A personal manager will contact you and will help to arrange all details of your visit to our centre, he/she will recommend you an accommodation options and will explain how to arrange a Lithuanian visa.

If you make an annual agreement with our Centre you will ensure integral and comprehensive your healthcare and you will save money. A personal healthcare manager, who will help to arrange your visits to the physicians at a time which is convenient to you, and who will answer all your questions. More about the service.

If you have a reservation, usually the disease is diagnosed and the treatment is prescribed by our professionals in 1 day.
In some cases the examination lasting more than one day is required to prove the final diagnosis. In such cases you will be informed by the treating physician or medical staff responsible for the examination.

The National Health Insurance Fund carries out monitoring of waiting lists at the the healthcare establishments according to the Order of the National Health Insurance Fund under the Ministry of Health No 1K-287 “Regarding the approval of rules for the inclusion of patients into the waiting lists for healthcare services and monitoring of waiting lists as well as waiting list monitoring reporting forms” dated 28 October 2014.