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2020 11 09

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2019 08 26
Doctor Simonas Kaupas: i’m happy if the patient is happy

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre has received reinforcement. Simonas Kaupas, an orthopaedist, traumatologist and plastic and reconstructive surgeon who has acquired valuable experience in the largest hospitals in the country, has started working at its Centre for Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology.

2018 11 30
Hila re-accredited by prestigious United States hospital quality standard – Joint Commission International (JCI)

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (MDTC) in Vilnius, located on V. Grybo Street, has been accredited for another one-year period according to the Golden Quality Standard, most often referred to as the Joint Commission International (JCI) Hospital Standard.

2018 09 17
Hila has been granted an accreditation “Global Clinic Rating”

A quality certificate “Global Clinic Rating” (Global rating of healthcare facilities, hereinafter – GCR) was granted to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre (hereinafter – the Centre) in June, 2018, certifying that the Centre is among 100 clinics worldwide, evaluated as exceeding international standards.

2018 07 18
Germany’s prestigious TEMOS accreditation is based on the highest quality standards and is an exclusive acknowledgement of the quality of service at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center

At the end of June, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center was re-accredited according to the standards of TEMOS, an international organization that represents ‘Trust Effective Medicine and Optimized Services’.

2017 03 27
Biological glue treatment for varicose veins

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is the only healthcare institution in Lithuania offering its patients biological glue treatment, which is the latest and most advanced treatment for varicose veins.

2015 02 27
Legionnaire of šiauliai basketball team operated at the medical diagnostic and treatment centre

This Tuesday, legionnaire Jonathan Lee of the Šiauliai basketball team suffered a fractured metatarsal bone and was operated on at our centre.