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What to take care about before arriving

Our personnel will inform you what documents you should have at arrival, how to prepare yourself for the expected examination or surgery.
We appreciate your punctuality and showing up at the Clinic 15 min. earlier. This time should be enough for registration and or the review and approval of the documents necessary for service rendering.

While visiting the Centre, please have with you:

  • a document proving your identity: a passport /personal ID card/ driving licence.

An identity proving document is required both for a child and for the accompanying person.

Medical service for children and adolescents below 16 year of age can be provided only in the presence of one of their parent or guardian. A child can also come with another accompanying person if the written consent of his/her parent (approved by the notary public) is available. The consent must contain justification of the background for the presentation of confidential information, the purpose and term of use and expiration date of such consent.

  • A voluntary health insurance policy, if you want that services are paid according to the terms of insurance agreement.

If you are covered by a voluntary (additional) health insurance at the Lithuanian or foreign insurance company, please bring with you such insurance proving documents (insurance policy, agreement or other document).

All services at our Centre, except radiological tests (computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance tomography (MRT), mammography, X-ray imaging), aiming to prevent the patients from unnecessary radiation, can be provided without any referring notice.

However if you have a referring notice, a Sick Fund compensation will be applied for many of services – consultations with physicians, MRT, CT, echoscopy, cardiological and other examinations and surgeries.

The referring notice should be effective and comply with the requirements applicable for the document defined by the Ministry of Health.

We value your time and will make our best to prevent you from waiting while visiting our Centre neither at the reception nor in other places. Waiting time at the reception is less than 6 min. for 80 percent of our visitors.