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Accommodation and meals

Our clinic is located about 3 km from the Vilnius city centre and about 4 km to Vilnius Old Town.
There are plenty of the hotels and restaurants around.

On Mondays from10.30 7.00 p.m..
On Tuesday to Wednesday from 9.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

For more detailed information please contact or ny phone (8 5) 247 64 09.

Virtual tour around the hospital

A slight malaise for human being causes stress, anxiety and tension, therefore special environment in the Medicine Diagnostics and Treatment Centre was created offering for the visitors cosiness, security and feeling like being at home.

Patients after surgeries are treated at the Centre Hospital. Qualified physicians and careful nurses in the wards take care about the patients all day around

After a surgery patients stay in a single or double-bed wards, equipped with the modern communications means, wireless internet connection “Wi-Fi” and television.

Each ward has a hygiene room with a washbasin, water closet and a shower. Patients are supplied with a towels, pyjamas and dressing-gowns made from natural fibres as well as hygiene items.

Personal emergency call system installed at the patient's bed and in the hygiene room ensures patients’ safety.

A café located at the Medicine Diagnostics and Treatment Centre takes care about patients’ meals. It offers a large assortment of tasty and healthy meals following recommendations of the physician dietitian and considering patient's choice. For patient’s convenience the food is served in the patent's ward.

If you are coming with an accompanying person, for additional payment we can offer an accommodation for him /her in a hospital ward.

More detailed information on where to stay and what to visit, about shopping and entertainment in Vilnius, you will find here.