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2020 11 09

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During the lockdown, we continue to look after your health and are scheduling appointments and procedures. Please register for a medical consultation, laboratory, instrumental and radiological test or surgery.

We are committed to protect your health and take steps to provide enhanced safety and care:

  • We schedule customer visits at a time to ensure safety and the appropriate time between visits to ensure social distancing in the Center.
  • Customers from high-risk groups are scheduled for visits at a specific time: on business days 7:30 –9:30.
  • We meet each customer and provide a temperature check as a precaution.
  • We provide personal protective equipment (PPE): face masks and gloves, unless you have your own PPE.
  • Our doctors use appropriate PPE during visits.
  • We regularly disinfect the premises and surfaces of the Center. We have installed additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the Center.
  • Prior to surgery procedures, we test patients for COVID-19 to ensure that the patient is not infected with the virus or is the carrier of the infection.
  • For your convenience, doctors and specialists provide remote consultations over the phone. Please select the service and pay

We advise you to stay vigilant and to protect yourself and others:


  • First, please contact us by phone +370 698 000 00. We will listen to you, provide advice and schedule an appointment with your doctor at a convenient and safe time.
  • Please arrive to the Center 15-10 minutes before the scheduled appointment.
  • Please wear a protective face mask upon arrival.
  • Enter the Center without any accompanying person, unless you accompany a child or are a caregiver for someone who requires assistance.
  • Observe social distancing and safety signs.
  • Do not visit the Center if you have a fever or other symptoms of respiratory infection. You will get medical consultation over the phone.