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2017 03 27

Biological glue treatment for varicose veins

2015 01 27

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is the only healthcare institution in Lithuania offering its patients biological glue treatment, which is the latest and most advanced treatment for varicose veins.

This procedure is unique and differs from laser or radiofrequency ablation in that all it requires is one prick into the treated vein. A local anaesthetic is only applied to the spot where the catheter is inserted into the vein. The procedure presents very low skin or nerve damage risk.

Patients can return to their normal routine right after the surgery and do not need to wear compression stockings, which can be especially inconvenient in the hot season. Due to the absence of scarring, the results are aesthetically pleasing. It must be said that with this method both legs can be treated at the same time.

This is a quick, pain-free varicose vein treatment method that is the least traumatizing for the patient. During the healing process, the glue in the affected areas is naturally absorbed by the body. Scientists claim that this method not only treats the affected areas but also stops other veins from becoming dilated.

“Biological glue treatment for swollen veins on the legs is highly recommended and is suitable for older people waiting for complex knee or hip joint surgery. Patients do not need to stay in bed or wear compression stocking immediately after the surgery, and they can move around freely,” says Dr. Nerijus Bičkauskas.

During the procedure, a small amount of glue is inserted through the catheter into the vein to be treated. The vein is then compressed by the ultrasonic probe which seals its walls. The walls get stuck together, and the blood travels up toward the heart along the nearby healthy veins. Once the pressure is removed from the inside of the damaged veins, they stop dilating.

The glue was first used in medicine in the middle of the last century to treat vascular tumours.

With time, a way to seal a long segment was discovered. The method that has been used worldwide since 2012, is fast gaining popularity. Many of these procedures are performed in the UK, Germany and Latvia. Positive outcome evaluations encourage wider application of this advanced treatment method.

In addition to varicose vein glue treatment, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre offers other vein treatment methods, such as laser ablation, sclerotherapy etc.

Following ultrasound vein examination, the vascular surgeon discusses the most suitable treatment options with each individual client.