2015 02 27

Legionnaire of šiauliai basketball team operated at the medical diagnostic and treatment centre

2015 05 27

This Tuesday, legionnaire Jonathan Lee of the Šiauliai basketball team suffered a fractured metatarsal bone and was operated on at our center.


Jonathan Lee

The player sustained a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone during a game in Kaunas. A minimally invasive operation fixing the fractured bone was performed by orthopaedist and traumatologist Darijus Rimas. Both the patient and the operating doctor are satisfied with the result. If the player observes all of the instructions given by the doctor, it is expected that he will be able to start training in full capacity within three months and compete a little later.

Mr. Lee was delighted with the medical assistance provided at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre and thanked Dr. Rimas for explaining the nuances of the injury sustained and the treatment methods. “The operation went very well, and I’m very happy I’m getting better under the careful supervision of the staff,” the basketball player said.