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Partnership with insurance companies

If You have health insurance policy with private Lithuanian or foreign insurance companies, the latter will pay for Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center's services in accordance with the terms and conditions of Your agreement.

We have signed co-operation agreements with all the main Lithuanian Life and Health Insurance companies:

In case of illness (contingency), the patients having signed health insurance agreements with the companies mentioned above do not have to pay for diagnostics and treatment at our centre - the above mentioned life insurance companies cover the costs.

We also co-operate with foreign Life Insurance Companies:

A person holding a health insurance policy issued by any of the insurance companies mentioned above, will receive free medical services in our Centre, covered by the policy signed. 

When paying for medical services via foreign insurance companies, please provide us with the following documents: ID or passport, insurance policy and insurance forms.

General information about contingencies

Most foreign health insurance companies reimburse medical expenses in case of a sudden illness, injury, annual health examination, dentist services and medicaments. Both state and private medical care institutions may be at service of the insured to provide with medical services, reimbursed by insurance companies. 
Paid health insurance services. Every insurance version includes a rather specific list of paid services. It is laid out in the insurance agreement and described in detail in the information book, which is handed to the patient together with the insurance policy. The health insurance is quite a subtle and personal insurance agreement, the content of which is determined by the age, health status and instalment value of the insured. 

The main groups of paid health care services are as follows:

  • doctors' consultations, laboratory and instrumental examinations, additional consultations of specialists, the call;
  • all hospitalization services: surgeries, consultations, bed-days; paid services of comfort: telephone calls, TV services, single ward;
  • dentistry (prosthetic appliance not included) - with respect to the chosen insurance version, the limits are usually indicated;
  • reimbursement of medications when presented together with treatment expenses.

Non-insured health care services:

  • treatment of the addicted to psychoactive substances (drugs, alcohol);
  • unconventional medical treatment;
  • treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, HIV and potency disorder;
  • cosmetic and plastic surgeries;
  • treatment of chronic illnesses. Exception: some insurance companies reimburse chronic illness treatment expenses in case the illness has been diagnosed after a certain period of time since the acquisition of health insurance policy. 

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