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About the manufacturer of the Giotto Image 3DL mammography unit

Founded in 1965, IMS initially sold health care products. In the eighties, a decision was made to expand the operations and specialise in the manufacturing of mammography and biopsy equipment. Since then, IMS has been constantly expanding and has become one of the global benchmarks in the mammography sector.
In 2003, IMS became the first manufacturer of digital mammography units in Europe. In 2004, it was the first ever to use a mammography unit for stereotactic biopsy.
In 2009, IMS started investigating tomosynthesis that has up to now remained the most advanced technology applied in mammography. In 2011, the Giotto Tomo unit found its way to the global market.
Today, IMS focuses its efforts on scientific research seeking to offer modern technologies and guarantee better clinical outcomes. The company employs scientists from Italy, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
IMS equipment is distributed in fifty counties.