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COVID-19 rapid antigen test

We perform COVID-19 rapid antigen tests on nasopharyngeal swab specimens. ANYBODY can be tested if they make an appointment in advance.

You can find out your test results in 1 hour.
Sign up and, if necessary, obtain a test certificate.

A COVID-19 rapid antigen test is recommended if:

  • The first symptoms of the disease appear: fever, cough, difficulty or pain in breathing, loss of smell and taste, diarrhoea, headache. These usually develop about 5-10 days after the potential virus contraction.
  • You want to know whether you are infected with COVID-19.
    According to World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, rapid antigen tests can be used to diagnose COVID-19 infection when an RT-PCR test is unavailable.
  • You need a test certificate to go abroad.
    Find out in advance which kind of COVID-19 test certificate is acknowledged in the country you intend to go to. A certificate from a COVID-19 RT-PCR test is the one most frequently requested.

The test is made on a nasopharyngeal swab specimen. We use ultra-thin and flexible swabs to ensure maximum comfort. In order to protect your and our health, we avoid contact with any surface, so the specimen is taken with the client standing up, unless it is difficult to do so due to the health condition of the client.

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SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test

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SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test certificate

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What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

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The safety of our visitors, patients and employees remains a top priority at our centre, so prior registration for testing is mandatory.

Upon arrival to our centre, please have an identity document (passport, ID card, or driver’s licence) and wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth.

Please arrive at the exact time of your appointment and enter the building through the side door, which is located on the left of the main entrance.

We would kindly ask you to pay for the test beforehand, either online when you buy the test at the e-shop or with a payment card in the testing room.
If you need an invoice, please notify us via email at

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Why it is worth

to choose us for the COVID-19 test?

  • We perform high-quality tests, as confirmed by our laboratory’s ISO 15189 certification.
  • The results of the tests performed in our laboratory are explained by our staff, a service that is provided by only a few laboratories in the country.
  • There is no risk of damage or mix-up of test samples during transportation, which statistically is one of the leading causes for ruined blood samples in labs.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

At your request, we will send your test results to the email address you provide. To access the document you will need to type in a password, which we will send you in a text message.

After a COVID-19 rapid antigen test on a nasopharyngeal swab specimen is done, a certificate in Lithuanian, English or Russian can be issued to anyone interested who tested negative. If you are doing the test for travel, find out in advance which kind of COVID-19 test certificate is acknowledged in the country you intend to go to. A certificate for a COVID-19 RT-PCR test is the most frequently requested.

The certificate is signed with a qualified electronic signature and sent to the email address the client provides. To access the document you will need a password, which you will receive in a text message.

A COVID-19 rapid antigen test is recommended to people who show symptoms of COVID-19 disease (coronavirus infection) not later than 5 days after the symptoms’ onset, as then a large virus concentration is to be expected.

A POSITIVE result indicates that the SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen has been found and the person tested is currently ill with COVID-19 infection.

A NEGATIVE result means that the SARS-CoV-2 virus antigen has not been found and the person tested is not infected with the virus. It is important to remember, however, that one can test negative if the antigen concentration in the sample is below the set bar. So, a negative test result does not rule out the possibility of being infected with COVID-19 and should be confirmed with an RT-PCR test.

A negative test result does not eliminate the possibility of COVID-19 infection and should be confirmed with an RT-PCR test.

COVID-19 rapid antigen tests are less sensitive than RT-PCR tests, so it is very important to keep in mind that the test can only detect large virus concentrations, which means that symptom-free patients might falsely test negative. Negative test results should be taken very carefully and, if in doubt, an RT-PCR test should be performed.

COVID-19 rapid antigen test results always have to be interpreted within the context of other clinical data about the patient. If the conclusion is unclear and doubtful, more diagnostic tests and a comprehensive evaluation of their results are recommended. The main test for COVID-19 infection confirmation is viral RNA detection with an RT-PCR method.

It is important to bear in mind that a negative antigen test result should be confirmed with an RT-PCR method and a person who has tested negative should act responsibly and not stop self-isolating.

If you test positive in a rapid antigen test, you must self-isolate and follow the specialist recommendations of the National Public Health Centre (NVCS).

How is a nasopharyngeal swab for COVID-19 taken?

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