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Medicine tolerance test

A Pharmacogenetic test is a medicine tolerance test which aims to help in the selection of suitable medicines for individualised and effective treatment according to the patient's DNA characteristics. This test is designed for patients being treated or intended to be treated with cardiology, psychotropic medicines, painkillers or other medicinal products. The response of the body to 700 different active substances of medicinal products can be determined.

This is a test designed for personalised treatment, when medicinal products are selected individually with consideration to the patient’s DNA, i.e., the information coded by his/her genes. The medicine suitability test provides information about:

  • tolerance of the medicines. What active substances of the medicinal products are suitable personally for you, act effectively and do not cause adverse effects;
  • dosing of the medicines. Which dose of the medicine is the most effective for you;
  • compatibility of the medicines. How to combine different medicines.

The test is painless, non-invasive and does not require any preparation.
The test is carried out using a saliva sample. It is recommended to abstain from smoking, eating, drinking coffee, tea, beverages, juice, brushing teeth or chewing gum 30 minutes before the sample collection.

Advanced registration is not required for these tests. 

Price of medicine tolerance test

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Pharmacogenetic test**

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What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

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Why it is worth

To be examined at our Centre?

  • Painless non-invasive test.
  • Results – are valid for the rest of your life. You only need to have a medicine tolerance test once in your life.
  • All our testing is of the highest quality. This is proved by the ISO 15189 accreditation of the laboratory.
  • If necessary, we can carry out additional tests using the same blood sample within 7 days of collecting the original sample. This is important for children or for patients coming from other cities!
  • The test results obtained in our laboratory will be explained by laboratory professionals.
    Such service in our country is offered only in few laboratories.
  • There is no risk of damaging or mixing up samples during transportation, which is statistically one of the most common causes of sample damage in laboratories.

Good to know

The test provides information on:

  • assimilation of a medicine by the body of the specific individual (which active substances are suitable for the patient, are effective and do not cause adverse effects);
  • which dose is the most effective for the patient's treatment;
  • expected efficacy of the treatment with individually selected medicines;
  • the potential interaction of specific medicinal products and/or interaction with other medicines administered to the patient to treat concomitant diseases (how to combine the medicines taken by the patient).

When is the test indicated?

  • When adverse/unwanted effects of medicines occur;
  • and the treatment is ineffective.

How is the test carried out?

The test is carried out with a sample of the patient's saliva, which is sent to BeinGenetics B.V. laboratory located in the Netherlands.

What test results will be given to you?

The information contained in the test report is designed for the physician; they can then select the medicines and the further treatment depending on the results. The test report in English is accompanied by an interpretation of the report in Lithuanian made by the physician geneticist.

The pharmacogenetic medicine tolerance test only needs to be done once.

How to get the test results?

  • Your test results will be available in 14 working days.
    You can pick them up reception or we will send them by email, if you wish.
  • For interpretation of the test results please contact the laboratory by telephone: (8 5) 247 64 22.

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