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BLEPHARITIS - is the inflammation of the eyelid edge. It is a common disease that is difficult to treat. The disease develops because of various factors – uncorrected refraction defects, microorganisms present on the eyelid edge, eyelash mites, and hazardous environmental factors – dust, smoke, chemical substances, generalised diseases – anaemia, chronic infections, allergic and endocrine diseases, vitamin deficiency, oral, throat and nasal inflammatory diseases.

Despite there are several types of blepharitis, they manifest by the same symptoms. Patients experience eye itching and tingling, sensation of a foreign body in an eye, redness and swelling of the eyelid edge, scaling of skin at the eyelash roots; whitish secretion may occur from the glands of the eyelid edge.
The disease usually requires a long-lasting treatment. The most important issue is to determine and eliminate the causative factor of the disease. Eyelid hygiene is also very important – eyelids should be washed with kids soap. Blepharitis is treated with antibiotic and corticosteroid drops Eyelid massage sometimes is required to extrude the secretion accumulated in the glands of the eyelid edge.

Do not delay. Take care of yourself.