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Breast augmentation with the implants


Breast augmentation is among the plastic aesthetic surgeries that are most often requested worldwide and in Lithuania. Breasts can be enlarged using the implants or the patient’s own fat. Breast augmentation using the implants in our country is carried out more often.

In our clinic we use only certified saline or silicone implants that are produced by the manufacturers of irreproachable character.
Breast implants come in round or oval as well as contoured shapes; they can be of different sizes and profiles. The round-shaped implants are used to increase plumpness of the upper breast part, the oval or tear-drop implants optimally restore the natural breast shape and provides plumpness in the lower part of the  breast.

Breast augmentation is the best solution if:

  • your breast are very small;
  • your breasts are saggy;
  • you need breast reconstruction after cancer surgery;
  • you experience psychological discomfort because of  appearance of your breasts.

Several plastic-aesthetic surgeries can be done concomitantly at our Centre aiming to obtain the maximum effect and to avoid additional anaesthesia.

Price of breast augmentation surgery

Price of breast enlargement surgery covers a consultation with a surgeon of plastic and reconstructive surgery, breast echoscopy and laboratory tests required before the surgery and additional post-surgery means, if they are needed (such as special bra after breast surgery), catering (from day 2).

Consultation with a physician

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes
  • Health condition is assessed

  • Expectations are discussed, examination is carried out

  • The expected result is modelled

  • The most appropriate solution is recommended

  • Duration – 30 – 60 minutes.

Breast echoscopy examination

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes
  • Health condition and potential complications are assessed.

  • Duration – 30 – 60 minutes.

Breast augmentation surgery

Under the general anaesthesia

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Duration – 1.5 –2 h.
  • Only certified implants are used

  • The effect is visible after 3-4 weeks.

  • Duration – 1.5 –2 hours

  • You will stay at the clinic for 24 hours.

What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

More about prices

What should you know about the surgery?

You should inform the physician before the surgery if you:

  • have any allergy,
  • take medicines affecting blood coagulations or experience blood coagulation disorders (also thrombosis),
  • have diabetes mellitus and take medicines,
  • were diagnosed with cancer,
  • were treated with injectable corticosteroids within the last 6 weeks,
  • have a pacemaker implanted,
  • are pregnant or planning pregnancy,
  • experience immunosuppression,
  • feel unwell on the day of the procedure,
  • got ill before the procedure (fever developed, flue and cold manifested),
  • are a smoker (It is recommended to abstain from smoking for at least 4 weeks before the surgery).
  • General blood count,
  • blood coagulation test (APTT),
  • electrocardiogram (ECG) with assessment,
  • blood glucose level test,
  • other tests, if you have chronic diseases and the tests were prescribed by your physician.

The patient can bring the test excerpts from other healthcare establishments or to have them done at the Medicine Diagnostics and Treatment centre in 2 hours; the price of tests done at the Centre. The tests should be carried out not later that 14 days ago.

The breast surgery is carried out under a general anaesthesia. At our Centre breast augmentation surgeries are carried out applying all methods used worldwide: the incision is made below the breast under the areola (a dark skin area around the nipple), in the armpit area, augmentation s achieved using an implant or transplanting patient’s own fat. The location of a scar is selected  trying to make it less observable.

A special dressing is applied on the breasts after the surgery and the patient has to wear a special compressive bran. 

On days 1 to 3 after the surgery you will stay at our clinic under supervision of the medical staff. More or less severe pain is present after all plastic - aesthetic surgeries, which can be controlled by medicines. The sutures are removed on the next day after the surgery, in more complex cases – during the first week after the surgery.
Operating surgeon will schedule the date and time of your next visit.
5-7 days after the surgery you will be able to come back to your daily activities that do not require high physical activity. Intensive physical activity is recommended as early as at least 4-6 week after the surgery. During this time (4-6 weeks) you will need to wear a special bra during day and night, afterwards – only during the night and sport activities.
If you are coming from the abroad, all details (about your flight back, the care required and post-surgical regimen) you can discuss with our doctor after the surgery.
A medical certificate for absence from work is not issued after the aesthetic  beauty surgeries, therefore while planning a surgery you should make necessary arrangements for vacation.

Recommendations on how to behave within the first 2-3 days after the surgery:

  • do not lift heavy items,
  • walk slowly in the room at least 6 times per day,
  • have more rest and avoid getting cold, 
  • sleep laying on your back,
  • in a shower: you are allowed to take off your bra until you washing yourself, take a lukewarm shower, as a help from your next of kin (as you are not allowed to lift your arm high),
  • Do not remove your adhesive plasters, they may get wet. 

Lymph drainage procedures facilitate recovery after he surgery – they alleviate uncomfortable tension and swelling.

The following is not recommended during the first 2-3 weeks:

  • to move your elbows behind your back, to lift your arms upwards abruptly, avoid pushing, pulling, making abrupt movements with your arms (while getting out from your bed, etc.), arms can be lifted up to the shoulder level. Limited movement of arms can result in back or neck numbing;
  • avoid combing or washing your hair without assistance,
  • pressing or moving the area affected during the surgery,
  • driving a care (for at least 7 days).

Periodical usual breast checks – consultation with a physician mammologist, echoscopic examinations, mammography examinations are recommended at least once in 2 years, if you do not have any complaints and do not experience any worrying symptoms.

After breast augmentation surgery the woman can breastfeed her baby and to have the usual diagnostic examinations done – echoscopy and mammography. You must inform the physician before the examination that you have an implant, to enable the physician to assess the examination results objectively.

After breast augmentation surgery with implants the shape of breasts may change, therefore replacement of implants is recommended every 10 years.

  • when health threatening breast diseases are diagnosed,
  • in case of viral diseases, infections (the surgery can be planned after complete recovery),
  • in case of elevated blood pressure (the physician will assess the associated risk for the surgery).
Checklist for patients prior to blood tests
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Why it is worth choosing us?

  • Consultations and examinations  – in 1 day. 
  • The surgery can be done on the same day or during the next week aftervthe primary consultation. 
  • Hospital infection rate – 0 in 5 years.
  • Hospital infection rate – 0 to 5 per year.


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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

The breast implants do not affect diagnostics of breasts formations, as the implant walls (if the implant is intact) are well contoured and isolated formations are clearly visible. However,  before the examination of breasts it is necessary to inform about the presence of implants. The experienced echoscopy professional being aware about the presence of implants will assess the tissue changes more objectively.

This is an absolute myth. Breast implants used in the modern medicine are safe and women with implanted implants can live usual life – going in for sports, making love, flying, skydiving, diving. Many air hostesses underwent breast augmentation and they are flying every day.

Breast implants are usually implanted under the thoracic muscle and in very rare cases – below the glandular tissue above the thoracic muscle. Implantation of breast implants does not damage the gland, thus it does not affect lactation or breast feeding.


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