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Body composition analysis


Doctors use the body composition analysis results as a vital tool for the preparation of individual treatment plans and for monitoring the course of treatment.
The analysis is performed on:

  • X Scan Plus II analyser
  • Tanita analyser

In our Centre, the mass of body fat is normally measured using the X Scan Plus II analyser; the analysis shows the mass of body fat in kg and in percent, and compares them to results in the normal range. The Tanita body fat analyser is used to establish the mass of body fat for patients who are more than 2 m tall.

The body composition analysis is performed by the nutritionist doctor.

The duration of the test is 5 min.

Body composition analysis provides the following measurements

Body weight is the sum of body fat mass and lean mass. Excessive body fat is harmful to health, and therefore it is important to know the total body fat mass percentage. When losing weight, it is essential to monitor whether it is happening due to the reduction of the fat mass or the muscle mass and water.

The amount of water can be quickly re-gained, causing the weight to go up again, while a reduction of the muscle mass slows down metabolism and, when the patient resumes their normal diet, the body weight goes up again.

Sometimes when the test is repeated it shows that the body weight has stayed the same, but the body composition has changed – the fat mass has reduced, and the muscle mass has increased. This is a positive weight loss result, although sometimes people are disappointed after weighing themselves at home and seeing that their weight hasn’t changed.

We must realise that insufficient body fat is also harmful to health, and especially to women’s health. Low levels of body fat can disrupt the menstrual cycle, as fat plays an important role in the metabolism of sex hormones.

The X Scan Plus II body analyser shows the body fat in kilograms and in percent and compares them to results in the normal range. The printout with the test results and their interpretation is provided to the patient.

Protein content reflects the patient’s nutrition status. In cases of insufficient nutrition the protein amount is lower. This usually occurs in underweight people, however, it can also be observed in normal weight or overweight persons if they are on an unhealthy diet.

Mineral content. Different minerals are important for metabolism and are found in cells, fluids and bones.

Important! A body mineral content analysis with the X Scan Plus II analyser cannot replace the bone density test, which is essential for diagnosing osteoporosis.

Fluids. Water is a reaction medium in every cell. Fluids deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cells, and take away carbon dioxide and waste materials. Changes in fluid proportion – increase or decrease – may also cause health changes. Accumulation of fluids can be a reason for weight gain or a sign of a disease. However, it is not always indicative of a disease, e.g. women often experience increased water retention and weight gain before their period.

Abdominal (visceral) fat content. Fat deposits occur not only under the skin but also in the abdominal cavity and around the visceral organs. The latter are active and produce hormones that can cause a lot of harm to health: increased cholesterol level, fatty liver, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension and increased cancer risk. Measurement of visceral fat is very important for a patient’s health. Even if the overall weight is normal, a high amount of visceral fat can pose a health risk.

The X Scan Plus II body composition analyser estimates the time it will take for the increasing amount of abdominal fat to become harmful if no special measures are taken, e.g. physical activity or dietary measures, because metabolism slows down and body composition changes with age.

Segmental analysis. The X Scan Plus II analyser calculates the muscle mass and fluid retention of each leg and arm, as well as the trunk.

A repeat analysis performed after some time can show the changes in the muscle mass caused by exercising.

The analyser results can be used to select physical workload and special exercises.

Nutrition status. The analyser sums up the results and provides an overview of the nutrition status: protein, mineral and the visceral organ mass.

Body type. The X Scan Plus II analyser determines the body composition category: thin, normal muscular, normal fat, obese etc. There are 12 categories in total.

Biological or body age. Having assessed the body composition, X Scan Plus II provides a conclusion on the person’s biological age which can be younger, the same or older than the real age.

Body composition analysis price

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Useful information

The X Scan Plus II body composition analyser can be used to establish:

  • Body weight;
  • Muscle and fat mass;
  • Fat mass percentage;
  • Protein, mineral, water content (total and in and around the cells);
  • Visceral fat content, visceral fat increase estimate;
  • Segmental analysis of the muscles (muscle amount in the legs, arms and trunk);
  • Nutrition assessment;
  • Body composition type;
  • Body age.

The X Scan Plus II analyser displays the results graphically, which makes it easy to see if the weight, BMI, fat and muscle content are normal, below or above the norm.

Body composition analysis with the Tanita analyser

The Tanita analyser uses bioelectric impedance analysis technology, i.e. measures the body composition by sending a low safe electrical current through the body.

The Tanita analyser can be used to establish:

  • weight,
  • body mass index (BMI),
  • fat mass in percent and kilograms,
  • fluid content,
  • lean tissue mass.

How should I prepare for the test?

No special preparation is required.


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