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Deep oscillation therapy


Deep oscillation is a unique, patented and non-invasive treatment method which uses an oscillating electrostatic field. Biologically effective oscillations penetrate the treated tissues as deep as 8 cm. The deep vibrating or pumping effect is created by moving the hand-held applicator above the tissue. Compared to other procedures, deep oscillation not only feels pleasant to the patient but is also effective on all types of tissue (skin, connective tissue, muscles and blood vessels). The treatment is carried out using a hand-held applicator and a titanium element or gloves and an electric stimulation electrode.

Deep oscillation is used:

  • to reduce pain (severe trauma-related pain as well as chronic pain, such as backache, muscle and joint pain);

  • to reduce inflammation;
  • to reduce swelling (bruising, hematomas, sprains, oedemas);
  • after surgery (endoprosthesis, lymphostasis, osteosynthesis etc.);
  • to promote wound healing etc.

The duration of the procedure is 15–30 min.

No special preparation is required.

Deep oscillation therapy price

Regular price Regular For clients who are not covered by compulsory health insurance
Deep oscillation (15 min.)

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