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Tonsils removal (tonsillectomy)


Tonsillitis treatment at our Centre means a safe and individually chosen solution for getting rid of tonsillitis symptoms.

Chronic tonsillitis features: recurrent purulent tonsillitis treated with antibiotics, chronic fatigue, joint pains, irregular heartbeat, long lasting fever (up to 38 degrees) of uncertain origin, swollen lymph nodes, inflammatory markers in blood test.
When there is no exacerbation of tonsillitis, the course of the disease may be asymptomatic.
Acute tonsillitis symptoms: a very sore throat, especially when swallowing, with a risk of spreading to the ears. Fever (over 38.5 degrees), swollen neck lymph nodes. Red and swollen tonsils, with or without purulent plaque.

Treatment: in case of acute tonsillitis caused by viruses, bed rest, abundant fluid intake and symptoms reducing treatment is recommended. If the causative agent of acute tonsillitis is a bacteria, antibacterial treatment (antibiotics), bed rest and fever and /or pain reducing medication are prescribed.
In case of frequently recurrent tonsillitis, a further examination (ASO blood test, culture from tonsils) is needed in order for the ENT doctor to decide on the necessity of surgical treatment.
A more detailed examination is also recommended for patients who suffer from joint, heart, skin, thyroid and kidneys diseases. In such cases the tonsils could be a chronic focal point of the infection, even though the patient does not suffer from acute tonsillitis.
If chronic tonsillitis recurs more than 3-4 times per year, or it may be suspected that the focal point of related diseases (of heart, joints, kidneys, skin, thyroid) is in the tonsils, surgical treatment is recommended.

After the surgery: usually, you can engage in a moderate physical daily routine the day after surgery, but it is necessary to follow the doctor’s instructions strictly and follow a strict diet for about two weeks. Flying is not recommended till the pharyngeal wounds heal (about 2 weeks) because of the higher risk of bleeding.
You will feel comfortable after tonsils removal surgery and avoid recurrent purulent tonsillitis.

Tonsils removal (tonsillectomy) surgery price

The treatment price includes the consultation, required tests and surgery.

Duration – up to 30 min.
  • Ears, throat, nose are examined.
  • Tests are carried out.
  • Surgery and post-surgery treatment are discussed.

Throat secretion culture test

Duration – 1 min.
  • Culture is taken in the ENT doctor’s room.
  • Results – within 3–7 days.
  • Copies of other required tests results may be brought by the patient from other medical institutions or carried out at the Centre within 1 day.

Antistreptolisine O (ASLO)

Duration –up to 1–10 min.
  • Carried out in the procedures room.
  • Results – within 2 hours.

Tonsils removal surgery, tonsillectomy

You will spend 1 day at the Clinic.
  • Chronic infection focal point is eliminated.
  • Breathing improves.
  • Possible to work on a computer after a day.

What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

More about prices

Before the surgery, the patient must be in excellent health – must not have a cold. Blood tests values must be normal.

Tonsils removal surgery (tonsillectomy) is carried out under general anaesthesia. The mouth gag is put into the mouth, the incision is made near the front palatal bow, palate tonsils are cut off with a special instrument and removed. The bleeding is stopped by pressing with cotton pads for several minutes and / cauterisation with the electrocautery.

It is one of the commonest surgeries carried out by ENT doctors, though more complicated than adenoid removal.

Duration – about 1 hour, including the preparation (the surgery lasts about 30–45 min.).
Time at the clinic – 1–3 days, drip is inserted, pain relievers are injected.
Children usually recover within several hours after the surgery.

Healing time of a tonsillectomy is longer than after removal of the adenoids.

If you come from abroad, we recommend that you stay in Lithuania for up to 14 days (if possible) till the wounds heal in order to get medical help immediately, for example, in case of excessive bleeding. The highest bleeding possibility is on the first day and 7-10 days after the surgery when fibrin (mucus scab) starts to separate from the mucus.

Sickness leave for adults is recommended for 7-10 days after the surgery, 14 days for children.

  • Avoid physical activity, sexual intercourse, do not spend time in direct sun (solarium), sauna, do not overheat (no hot bath), do not brush molar teeth – for 2 weeks.
  • Warm (not hot), mild, soft food is recommended. During the first days after the surgery it is recommended to take liquid, blended food. Otherwise, the recommendation is for 2 weeks.
  • Do not eat hot, spicy, salty, roasted, smoked food, do not drink hot, carbonated drinks, alcohol. The recommendation is for 2 weeks.
  • In case of pain, take non-steroidal medicine against inflammation prescribed by the doctor.
  • In case of fever over 38 °C, consult with the doctor, who will most probably prescribe antibiotics.
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Why choose us

  • We can carry out the surgery on the day following the first consultation.
  • You can go home the day after surgery.
  • Hospital infection ratio is 0 per 5 years.
  • Experienced doctors, who consult and perform surgeries not only at our Centre, but also at the country’s largest university clinics.


Tamosaitienė Inga
Tamosaitienė Inga

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Tolocka Rimvydas
Tolocka Rimvydas

ENT doctor (ear, nose and throat), Otorhinolaryngologist (ENT)

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Frequently asked questions

As in every surgery, the risk of complications, usually bleeding, exists, but it occurs in only up to 5 per cent of cases. The bleeding usually starts on the 1st or 5th–7th day (sometimes (10th) after the surgery, therefore it is important to follow the doctor’s recommendations for physical activity, bed rest and other.

It is normal to have a low-grade fever (up to 37.5 °C), sore throat and / or earache for up to 14 days after the surgery, but if the fever goes over 38 °C and remains for 1–2 days, the doctor must be consulted in case antibiotic treatment is required.

Tonsils surgeries are performed only when they are necessary. Timely surgery can essentially change not only the patient’s, but also the whole family’s life – qualitative breathing is restored, sleep is calm again, no more snoring. Thus, no need to fear the surgery.

Partial removal of the tonsils (tonsillotomy) improves breathing through the mouth, no more snoring or sleep apnea (this surgery is more usual for children). Total tonsils removal (tonsillectomy) is more usual for adults (also carried out for children but more rarely if compared with adults) protects from recurrent tonsillitis, chronic infection focal point, which can influence the joints, heart, kidneys and other organs, is eliminated.

Tonsils are removed with the tonsil capsule, therefore they will not grow back. The surgery is carried out once and for all.

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