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2017 03 27
Gynaecological Diseases, Women’s Health
5 min. skaitymo
Today urinary incontinence is no longer a problem

„I was jumping on the trampoline with my child when I realized that there had been an accident,” Irena Kirilova, obstetric gynaecologist at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre shares her patient’s story with us.

2012 11 16
Gynaecological Diseases, Women’s Health
2 min. skaitymo
Uterine myoma. When is surgery required?

Uterine myoma is a benign growth of the uterus. Statistics show that it is most prevalent in 30-50 year-old women. However, sometimes large myomas can also be diagnosed in younger women aged between 25 and 30. They are linked to the activity of sex hormones.