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2019 04 25

A happy return customer


3 min. skaitymo

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Photo: Catherine Brennan from Australia and Amit Belaite, MDTC project manager for medical tourism.

When Catherine Brennan from Australia injured herself on a walking tour while visiting her daughter in Lithuania, she needed emergency attention. It was then that she turned to one of Lithuania’s leading private medical clinics, Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. And how did she rate her experience? “Superb.” 

With a daughter whose Fintech start-up is headquartered in Vilnius, Catherine is becoming a regular visitor to the Lithuanian capital. And it was on one of her most recent trips that she had an unfortunate accident. As she explains in her warm Australian tone: “I was on a tour and I fell over and hurt my hand.” Although she has considerable experience of private clinics in Australia, she was still surprised by how quick and personalized the service provided at Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre was: “It was superbly quick. I think I waited ten minutes to be seen. That was all. And as soon as I saw the doctor, I was taken straight off for blood tests and x-rays immediately.”

Catherine continues, enthusiastically: “You see the doctor straight away, and if there’re any tests that need to be done, they’re done straight away as well, and you get the results virtually straight away. It was really quick.” This should come as little surprise, as with 200 highly qualified healthcare professionals, whose practices cover 53 fields of medicine, the centre is able to offer the highest level of medical advice and service in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

But it wasn’t just the speed of the service that made an impression on Catherine. She was also struck by how personalized the experience was: “Everybody was really friendly. It’s nice to be treated as a person and not just as a number, and you were taken everywhere. They took you to where you had a blood test and picked you back up again. So, that was nice. It was a personalized service.” It is clear from the smile Catherine has on her face as tells her story that she really valued how much care and attention she was given by the clinic.

And as an English speaker, did she have any communication problems? Not at all. In fact, as she relates: “As soon as they found out English was the only thing I spoke, they made sure that everything was done in English. They were all very easy to understand. It was a very nice experience.”

Catherine was so impressed by the service that, like every second patient who visits Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, she has made a return visit. After visiting a doctor in the UK for bronchitis, she found that her cough had still not shifted by the time she came to Lithuania. She immediately called Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre and was seen right away. Not only that, because she was travelling home soon after, she was given a direct number so she could call and get her results from her doctor personally

When asked if she would recommend the service, Catherine is strong in her praise: “Absolutely, I’d recommend it. It’s a personalized service and everything is quick. It’s a superb service.”

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre belongs to an elite group of 0.5% of world hospitals that are accredited with the US International Joint Commission International (JCI) Hospital standard.  The centre offers diagnostic services that encompass 500 different types of laboratory tests, and a range of 1,100 different health care, prevention and therapeutic services.