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2019 11 15

High quality medical services attract foreign citizens to Lithuania


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Over 55 thousand patients come to Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center every year, 10 percent among whom there come from abroad. Martin and Jane Pears are one of them. Among different countries all over the world they chose to come to Lithuania and Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center to have a full-scale health examination which they couldn’t have done in their country of residence.

Medicine abroad is sometimes more convenient

Some might be shocked to find that traveling abroad would be more convenient than health care at home but according to Mr. Pearse, for residents in the UK, that isn’t always the case. “UK Hospitals are entirely disorganized and individually unconnected. The NHS is extremely inefficient, even if it is free. It’s time-consuming beyond belief and very stressful,” he explained. Like most medical tourists the price points and efficiency they found in Vilnius provided an additional draw, “In England, one simple MRI can take up to 3 months to get, and privately at £300/£500 you still have to get a time consuming (3 weeks) doctor’s certificate.”

One of the reasons Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center works so efficiently is due to the system of “conveyor-belt consultations.” Instead of first going through a general practitioner in order to receive a specialist referral, patients can directly see several specialists in one day. 

Chose Lithuania among different options

Like many medical tourists previous, Martin and Jane Pearse did their research before they travelled to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius. The couple checked out clinics worldwide in Mexico (Sanoviv), the USA, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, India and of course, their home country of the United Kingdom – but explained Mr. Pearse, “All were too far away, too dangerous to travel to, too expensive or too complicated to organize. Organizing a visit to Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center was by far the easiest.’'

Impressed with quality and professional services

As for Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center the couple were pleasantly satisfied with the quality of care, resources and price.

“Your facility was extremely efficient and professional, so Jane and I would highly recommend Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center. We would recommend it to anyone concerned about their Health and who wish to be proactive to follow our footsteps and come to Vilnius.”

The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center has gained a reputation over the years for its beautiful facilities, bilingual staff, and world-class healthcare specialists. Recognized by the US international Joint Commission International (JCI) Hospital standard and the Global Clinic Rating Quality Certificate (only awarded to 100 clinics in the world), travellers seeking treatment like the Pearse’s have become increasingly common.

From health checks to surgeries

Every year foreign citizens who come to Lithuania for treatment services apply to the Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Center for a variety of healthcare services. Some of them, like Mr and Mrs Pearse, want detailed health examinations, short-term tests and professional advice, others come for complex procedures such as plastic surgery.

According to the data of the Center, most of the foreign patients come not only for a detailed health examination but also for a variety of surgeries and procedures. Many choose Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center for different orthopaedic surgeries, angiosurgery, laser vision correction or cataract surgeries. As well, for well known and professional plastic surgeons. Some visits Vilnius and Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center more than once.