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2019 11 29

Sometimes foreigners make several trips to Vilnius because of the skills of the Lithuanian surgeon


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Robert N. (his name was changed), who lives and works in Switzerland, was gingerly pushing his suitcase trying to avoid any sudden movements at Vilnius Airport. However, he knew that soon he would be able to forget any minor discomforts and would be feeling great. This was what he was told by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Renaldas Vaičiūnas, to whom Robert had entrusted his health problems at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, arriving in Lithuania for the third time. If needed, he would return again.

Surgery was the only way out

This time, the Head of Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery and Dermatology at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, Renaldas Vaičiūnas, treated Robert with a liposuction technique to remove fat from the body. During the procedure, excess fat was removed from various places in the body. This operation was necessary for the patient, whose intense exercising and substantial loss of weight had failed to help get rid of excess fat in certain areas of the body due to genetic reasons. As a result, the decision was made to remove the excess fat from the stomach, loins and chest surgically.

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center Plastic and reconstuctive surgeon Renaldas Vaiciunas

The most modern methods invoked

Robert had a very modern fat removal procedure carried out using an infrasound EVAMATIC 5® device. According to Dr Vaičiūnas, operations of this type may be carried out by deploying different techniques, but infrasound technology is rapidly gaining in popularity worldwide. “This technology is special due to the fact that during a single operation, several different procedures can be performed, for instance, to remove the fat using suction, prepare it and inject into other parts of the body. The patient does not need to go onto the surgical table several times and is therefore less exposed to complete anaesthesia. Furthermore, this procedure inflicts less trauma to the tissues, and consequently less bruising and swelling appears during the post-operative period. The patient recovers faster and can return to the usual rhythm of life,” the plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist explained. According to him, the only disadvantage to this procedure is that the ultimate result is not visible immediately; it might take six months to see it.

Just one day at the hospital

“I arrived early Sunday morning. On Monday, blood tests were carried out and the results were evaluated by the doctor. That was it, the entire preparation took slightly more than ten minutes. On the same day, they operated on me, and the next morning I was discharged home,” Robert said, amazed at how quickly the operation was performed.

Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center Plastic and reconstuctive surgeon Renaldas Vaiciunas

The surgeon made six small incisions in the man’s body, and through them, using a special device, fat was removed from a larger area of the body. After the procedure, the patient said he was feeling great. The only inconvenience was more difficult active movements during the first few days. “I exercise a lot and practice different sports. Although I’ve been unable to enjoy this particularly actively, I’ve already started exercising,” Robert said.

Choosing Lithuania for highly qualified specialists and quality

Patients like Robert who come from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and elsewhere comprise one tenth of the patients of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre. According to Dr Vaičiūnas, the specialists working in our country, the equipment available and the methods applied are no worse than those in other countries. “Here, at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, we successfully apply and use things that work effectively anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, we constantly improve ourselves, monitor global trends and keep in step with advanced medical innovations. It’s no surprise, then, that Lithuanian, as well as foreign patients, choose us increasingly often,” he says.

The choice of international patients is also influenced by the Centre’s international recognition. In 2015, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre was first awarded a quality standard certificate by the USA Joint Commission International (JCI), which was once again conferred last year. Less than 0.5% of all hospitals around the world have received this prestigious award.