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Bycius Gintaras Chirurgas

Doctor Bycius Gintaras

Surgeons (oncology)

Working hours
II 3.00 p.m.-4.00 p.m.

since 1983

professional experience

10 000+

different mass removal procedures during work practice

70 000+

consultations through work placements

Provides consultations regarding the diagnosis and treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers, performs surgical skin removal surgeries.

Works at the National Cancer Institute.

Patients about doctor


1976-1982 Kaunas University of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Doctor.

1982-1983 Kaunas III Clinical Hospital, intern surgeon.

1983-1986 Šilalė Central Hospital, surgeon.

1986-1994 Panevėžys Republican Hospital and Polyclinic, surgeon oncologist.

1994-2001 Panevėžys Oncology Hospital, oncologist.

2001-2002 Panevėžys II Nursing Hospital, surgeon.

2003-2005 Panevėžys Infectious Diseases Hospital, surgeon oncologist.

Since 2005 Integrated Health Service Centre, surgeon.

Since 2008 November, VU Oncology Institute, oncologist surgeon.

Since 2009 UAB SK Impeks Medicinos diagnostikos centras, physician oncologist surgeon.

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