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Drejeriene Violeta Vaiku gydytoja


Doctor Drejeriene Violeta

Pediatricians, Neonatologists

Working hours
III 4.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 1976

professional experience

60 000+

consultations during her career

Violeta Drejerienė consults on infant and child diseases. She is one of the most experienced neonatologists in Lithuania. She has gained wide practical experience while working as the head of the Neonatology Department at one of the largest hospitals in Lithuania, Vilnius City Clinical Hospital.

Dr Drejerienė was the first in Lithuania to perform brain and abdominal ultrasound in infants and to present the results of routine ultrasound of the central nervous system of premature babies.

She has published many scientific papers and several educational publications in her field. As part of her continuous professional development she participates in scientific conferences and congresses in Lithuania and abroad.

Dr Drejerienė has been certified as a neonatologist of the highest rank by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania.

Patients about doctor


1976 – Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, specialty of paediatrics, qualification of the paediatrician.

1977 – Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, internship.

1990 – at Vilnius University doctoral thesis on “Causes, Prevention and Treatment of Hyperbilirubinemia in Preterm Newborns” was defended.

Since 1995 – Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, physician-paediatrician.

Experience of neonatologist in Vilnius City Clinical Hospital of 37 years.

Since 1978 – Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, neonatologist.

2007 – Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, Head of the Neonatal Department.

In 1992 the Ministry of Health awarded the highest qualification category of the neonatologist.

Licence of paediatrician, neonatal physician, physician-specialist of ultrasound.

Presentations have been read at the scientific-practical conferences, over 40 studies have been published, presentations have been read at international conferences, reviews of the scientific articles and theses have been published in the journal “Medical Theory and Practice”.

Since 1983 – the first in Lithuania started to conduct consistent ultrasound examinations of the newborns’ brains and abdominal organs and presented the results of the routine ultrasound screening of the premature newborns’ central nervous system.

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