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Januskeviciute Audra Neurologe

Doctor Januskeviciute Audra


Working hours
I, II and IV 7.30 a.m.-3.00 p.m.
V 8.00 p.m.-15.00 p.m.

since 1981

professional experience

100 000+

consultations since the start of clinical practice

Dr Januškevičiūtė provides consultations to patients on all neurological disorders and orders the necessary investigations; she specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral nervous system disorders and headaches.

Dr Januškevičiūtė has many years of professional experience and continues to participate in professional development activities both in Lithuania and abroad. 

Patients about doctor

Anastasija Ivanova
Hi, I’m very grateful to this doctor. Suddenly I felt poorly (due to my back pain), but I didn’t get help at Lazdynai Hospital, they didn’t even send me to the neurologist, although I asked if it was helpful. In a word, only when I contacted the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center did I receive...
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Violeta L
A very pleasant doctor. She explained everything in detail and prescribed treatment. I would like to thank the doctor for her sincerity and professionalism. I would also like to thank the nurse – a pleasant and helpful person, I was surprised and satisfied with how I was treated and with the...
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1974–1980  Kaunas University of Medicine Faculty of Clinical Medicine, medical doctor.

Since 2010       UAB SK Impeks Medical Diagnostic Centre, doctor neurologist. 

2008–2010       Baltic American Clinic, doctor neurologist.

Since 2008       Vilnius University Antakalnio Hospital, doctor neurologist.

1997–2006       UAB SK Impeks Medical Diagnostic centre, doctor neurologist, clinical physiologist.

1994–2008       M. Marcinkevičiaus Hospital (Vilnius), doctor neurologist.

1981–1994       Trakai Central Hospital, doctor neurologist.

2002  Residency at the Department of Neurological Diseases, Schosspark Clinic, Berlin (Germany).

2001  Residency at the Department of Neurological Diseases, Evangelical Community Hospital of  Herne, Ruhr University (Germany).

1982–2002  Numerous professional development courses at Vilnius University and Kaunas University of  Medicine.

Participant of international neurology conferences in Paris, Rome, London, Budapest, Prague, Lisbon, Shanghai and Istanbul. 

1998–2005 Member of the German-Baltic Physician Society.

Member of the Lithuanian Neurological Association.


Music, singing, yoga, cycling both in Lithuania and abroad. 


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