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Kazlauskiene Elona Neurologas

Doctor Kazlauskiene Elona


Working hours
III 8.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.
VI (second, fourth and fifth Saturday of the month) 08:00-15:00 час.
IV 2.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 1985

professional experience

90 000+

consultations since the start of clinical practice

Dr Kazlauskienė provides consultations to patients on all neurological disorders and orders the necessary investigations.

She specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Dr Kazlauskienė received advanced training in epilepsy in Germany, and worked in the Epileptology Unit of Vilnius City Clinical Hospital.

Dr Kazlauskienė has extensive experience in her field and continues her professional development both in Lithuania and abroad.

Patients about doctor


1984  Vilnius University, qualification in clinical medicine.

1985  Vilnius University, Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery, doctor neurologists.

Since 2001  Advanced training in epilepsy, Germany.

Since 2004  Advanced training in the field of aviation medicine in France, Germany and Austria.

Since 2018  Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, doctor neurologist.

Since 2014  Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, Antakalnis Branch, Out-patient Consultation Department, doctor neurologist.

Since 2012  Antakalnis Out-patient Clinic, Therapy and Consultation Department, doctor neurologist.

Since 2009  Civil Aviation Administration, Aviation Medicine and Staff Licencing Department, aviation  medicine expert-assessor.

2004–2011  Vilnius University Antakalnis Hospital, Epileptology unit, doctor neurologist.

2004–2009   Aviation Medicine Centre, Head and aviation medicine expert-assessor.

1985–2012  Vilnius University Antakalnis Hospital, Neurology Department, doctor neurologist.Department of Clinical Physiology and Electroencephalography Unit, doctor electrophysiologist.

Most recent courses, residencies, congresses etc.:

Dr Kazlauskienė regularly participates in congresses and conferences in her field of expertise.

Since 1985       Member of the Lithuanian Neurological Association.

Since 1988       Member of the Lithuanian Society of Electrophysiology and Sonography.

Since 2005       Member of the Lithuanian Stroke Association.

Since 2017       Member of the Vilnius Region Parkinson Society.

Travelling, jewellery making, reading.

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