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Luksyte Audrone Onkologe

Doctor Luksyte Audrone


Working hours
I 3.40 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 1976

professional experience

100 000+

consultations through work placements

Dr Lukšytė provides consultations regarding the selection and implementation of strategies and tactics for the treatment of oncological diseases.

As part of her continuous professional development, she has attended more than 30 international conferences and trainings in the USA, Switzerland, France, Austria and other countries, as well as in Lithuania. She has prepared several programmes for students of Vilnius Higher Medical School and is a teacher at the Vilnius Health Education Centre. She is a member of the Lithuanian Society of Oncologists, Senologists and Chemotherapists.

Patients about doctor

Giedra Vaičiulienė
I am very grateful to the doctor for a thorough examination.


1969–1975 m. Vilnius V. Kapsukas University, Faculty of Therapeutic Medicine.

In 1976, Vilnius Red Cross Hospital, internship.

Since 1996 Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, oncologist.

1977–1979, Utena Central Hospital, internal medicine physician.

Since 1979, Vilnius University Oncology Clinic, internal medicine physician, oncologist-chemotherapist.

1992–1997, Naujininkai Clinic, oncologist.

Periodically participates in qualification courses and conferences in Lithuania and abroad (USA, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, etc.). Themes: "Introductory ultrasound course of breast cancer", "Adjuvant therapy of early breast cancer", "Medication and radiation therapy and surgery harmonization principles in the treatment of patients with malignant tumours", "The positive and negative forecasts in the treatment of hormone-dependent breast cancer cases", etc.

1994–1999, lecturer at Vilnius Health Training Centre.

1993–2002, lecturer at Vilnius Higher School of Medicine.

In 1999, "The problem of pain in Lithuania" – ICCCC post, New York, USA.

In 2000, 2nd conference on breast cancer "Breast conservative surgery and m.latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction – a new treatment method", Brussels, Belgium.

In 2001, conference "Adjuvant breast cancer therapy", "Effect of pre-surgery radiotherapy and adjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of stage III breast cancer", St. Gallen, Switzerland. 

In 2002, "Hereditary cancer syndromes and diagnostics of diseases", 3rd Baltic Oncology Congress, Vilnius, Lithuania.

In 2003, conference "Early breast cancer adjuvant therapy", "Combined chemotherapy-radiation therapy of breast cancer", St. Gallen, Switzerland. 

In 2005, conference "Early breast cancer adjuvant therapy", "Male breast cancer treatment", St. Gallen, Switzerland.

In 2008, conference "LEURA 6th International Breast Cancer Conference", "Breast sarcomas treatment in Lithuania", Sydney, Australia.

In 2010, conference "European breast cancer conference", "Male breast cancer diagnostics in Lithuania", Barcelona, Spain.

Since 1979 the member of Lithuanian Oncology Society.

Since 2002 the member of Lithuanian Senology Society.

Since 2007 the member of Chemotherapist Society.

The member of Ultrasound Association.

Professional studies

In 1988, ATLAS study "Breast conservative surgery with m.latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction – a method of breast cancer treatment".

In 2006, TEACH study.

In 2007, ARD-0301-010, ARD-0301-004 study.

In 2007, ARD-0301-010, ARD-0301-004 study.

In 2007, NEO- ALLTO study.

In 2002, movement "NEDELSK".

Traveling, books.

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