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Markauskiene Antonina Akusere ginekologe

Doctor Markauskiene Antonina

Gynaecologists obstetricians

Working hours
I, II, IV, V 7.40 a.m.-2.10 p.m.
III 2.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 1976

professional experience

1 400

patients a year

1 000+

various gynaecological surgeries and procedures during her career

Performs all minimally invasive (laparoscopic, hysteroscopic) gynaecological surgeries.

Consults on all gynaecology-related questions. At our Centre, she sees about 1,400 women a year, most of them are regular clients. Specializes in gynaecological endocrinology. Performs prenatal care. Has followed a traineeship at the Endocrinology Department, Centre of Scientific Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Perinatology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. As part of her continuous professional development, she attends refresher courses in Lithuania and abroad.

Patients about doctor

Eglė Lozoraitytė
I would like to thank Doctor Antonina Markauskienė. A great, sincere doctor whom you may contact on any open issue. The doctor’s consultancy was very professional and sincere. I wish the doctor great success in her work.
Austėja Pajarskaitė
A very pleasant doctor. In general, I was impressed by everything – from entering the clinic, to being escorted to the doctor, to the treatment and departure from the clinic. There were no questions or misunderstandings. I felt like I was in paradise.
Rasa Cerniauskiene
I would like to thank Doctor Antonina Markauskienė for a professional and thorough consultation. She is a very caring, pleasant and sincere doctor and one to whom I would be happy to return to. I wish her success and good health


1974–1976, Kaunas Medical Institute, Faculty of Medicine.

1976–1980, Smolenskas Medicine Institute, Faculty of Medicine, obstetrics-gynaecology speciality.

Since 2005 Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, obstetrician-gynaecologist.

Since 1993 Vilnius city Šeškinės Clinic, obstetrician-gynaecologist.

1990–1995, Vilnius Maternity Hospital, obstetrician-gynaecologist.

Periodic qualification training courses in ultrasound diagnostics, endocrinology areas at Vilnius University, Faculty of doctors training.

Internship (1 month.), Russian Academy of Medicine Sciences, Scientific Obstetrics-Gynaecology and Perinatology Centre, Department of Endocrinology, Moscow, Russia.

In 2010, practical course of colposcopy, Berlin, Germany.

1990–2009, Vilnius College (formerly Vilnius Higher School of Medicine), Faculty of Health, lecturer, Head of the final thesis.

In 1999, “Cervical dysplasia treatment”, conference of Lithuanian Obstetricians-Gynaecologists Society, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Since 2005 the member of Lithuanian Doctors Society.

Since 1990 the member of Lithuanian Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Society.

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