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Matelyte Vilma Kardiologe

Doctor Matelyte Vilma

Cardiologists (Heart Diseases)

Working hours
II 2.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.
IV 8.30 a.m.-3.30 p.m.

since 2001 m.

professional experience

40 000+

consultations during the professional career

She provides consultations and treats different cardiac diseases in adults, specialises in the diagnostics and treatment of coronary heart diseases, heart conductivity disorder, heart failure. She has a large experience gained while working in the out-patient Cardiology and Heart Echoscopy subunits of one on the largest Clinic in Lithuania – Hospital of Vilnius University Santariškių Clinics.

The physician continuously improves her professional qualifications in Lithuania and foreign countries. She is a member of Lithuanian and European professional cardiologists societies.

Patients about doctor


1987 –1994 Kaunas Medical Academy, qualifications of medical doctor.

1994–2001 m. Vilnius University, qualification of physician cardiologist.

Physician cardiologist since 2001.

2001–2008 m. Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Clinics, main position – physician in the Out-patient Subunit of Cardiology, auxiliary position – echoscopist in the Subunit of Heart Echoscopy.

2008–2009 m. Antrim County Hospital (North Ireland), UK physician Consultant.

2009–2015 m. Physician in the Intensive Cardiology and Reanimation Subunit of Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Clinics.

2010-2011 m. Dunphry Royal Hospital (Scotland), UK, physician Consultant.

2012-2013 m. Borders General Hospital (Scotland), UK, physician Consultant.

2014-2015 m. Dunphry Royal Hospital (Scotland), UK, physician Consultant.

Licence of physician cardiologist.

2007, training course “Echocardiography, Vilnius University.

2008, training course “Arrhythmias, Vilnius University.

2008 meeting„International Cardiology Update“, District Hospital (Craigavon Area Hospital, North Ireland).

2009 course„Advanced Life Support Course“, Belfast Hospital (North Ireland).

2009 apprenticeship in transoesophageal echocardiography,  (St. George's Hospital), London (Great Britain).

2010 course on heart computed tomography, Belfast (Great Britain).

2011 Annual BSE (British Society of Echocardiography) meeting, Edinburgh (Scotland).

2012 course „Advanced Adult Life Support Course including training for providers“, Vilnius.

2012 3rd International meeting on intensive and intervention cardiology, Druskininkai.

2013 10th Conference  of Intensive and Invasive Cardiology), Druskininkai.

2013 3rd International Conference of Pulmonary Hypertension.

2014 m. 4th International meeting on Intensive and Invasive cardiology, Vilnius.

Since 2001 a member of Lithuanian Association of Cardiologists.

Since 2001 a member of European Association of Cardiologists.

Areas of interest – diagnostics and treatment, differential diagnostics and prophylactic of heart disaeses (coronary disease heart rhythm disorders, heart failure).

Examinations: echocardioscopy, veloergometry, computed angiography.

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