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Rocka Saulius Neurochirurgas


Doctor Rocka Saulius


Working hours
II 5.00 p.m.-8.00 p.m.

since 1996

in medical practice

62 000+

consultations during his medical career

4 000+

various neurosurgeries during his medical career

Saulius Ročka consults on vascular and oncological diseases of the brain, epilepsy, children's neurosurgical diseases, hydrocephalus, treatment of various brain injuries.

As part of his continuous professional development he attends courses and conferences in Lithuania and abroad, including the US, UK, Germany, and Greece among others. He has also (co-)published various publications in Lithuanian and international scientific journals on neurosurgery and is the main speaker at international scientific conferences.

Saulius Ročka is a professor at the Clinic of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Vilnius University.

Dr Ročka is a member of the Lithuanian Neurosurgical Society, a member of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, a member of the Lithuanian Society of Epileptology, the Lithuanian Neuroscience Association, and the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies.

Patients about doctor

Tom Brennan
I have only praise, respect and thanks to give for Dr Rocka and his team. Friendly, approachable, professional and always willing to answer questions or give advice. I fully recommend him and thank him for all his work.
Saulius Žilinskas
Many thanks to Professor Saulius Ročka for urgent and professional advice at critical time. I wish you happiness and good health in helping people.


1998 – Graduated from Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine.

1998–1999 – Primary Internship at Vilnius University.

1999–2003 – Secondary Surgery Internship at Vilnius University.

2016 – awarded the degree of professorю

Since 2005 – Neurosurgeon at the Hila | Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center Since.

2005 – Neurosurgeon at the Emergency Hospital of Vilnius University.

1999–2005 – Neurosurgeon’s assistant at the Emergency Hospital of Vilnius University.

2001–2005 – European Neurosurgery Internship Programme, Prague (Czech Republic), Bonn (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Thessaloniki (Greece)

2003–2005 – Tertiary Neurosurgery Internship at Vilnius University

2003 – Defended the Doctor of Medicine (MD) dissertation

2000 – Institute of Neurological Science, Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

2001 – The Georgia Neurosurgical Institute, PA, Macon, Georgia, USA

2003 – Brain-IT Courses of Group Data Assessors, Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

2002–2005 – Trainings at European Association of Neurosurgical societies (EANS)

2005 – Passed the neurosurgeon examination at European Association of Neurosurgical Societies, Thessaloniki (Greece)

2007 – Weill Cornell University, Salzburg (Austria)

Since 2002 – Lecturer of Anatomy at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine Since.

2004 – Professor of Neurosciences at Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine.

Author of many academic articles on neurosurgery.

Lecturer at many international congresses on neurosurgery.

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Kvaščevičius R, Ročka S, Šitkauskas A, Ragauskas A, Daubaris G, Jaržemskas E: Trans-intracranial ultrasonic pulse waves: normal values // Medicinos teorija ir praktika 2002; 4(32): 256-259.
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Rocka S, Jarzemskas E, Cooper E, Cooper B. Right median nerve electrical stimulation for coma treatment – recent experience in Lithuania and the USA // In: Kanno T, Kato Y (eds) Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery and Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, Springer, 2006: 376-385.
Preikšaitis A., Ročka S. Galvos traumos epidemiologija Vilniuje ir Vilniaus apskrityje // Lietuvos Chirurgija 2006; 4(1): 29-38.
Preikšaitis A., Ročka S. Ligoninėje gydytos galvos smegenų traumos epidemiologija Vilniuje ir Vilniaus krašte // Lietuvos Chirurgija 2007; 5(1): 18-32.

Žodiniai pranešimai:
2004 m. S.Ročka, G.Terbetas, E.Jaržemskas. „Šautiniai galvos sužeidimai“, VII tarptautinė karo medicinos konferencija, Kaunas, Lietuva.
2005 m. E.Cooper, S.Rocka, E.Jarzemskas, B.Cooper. „Right median nerve stimulation treatment for subacute coma in the USA and Lithuania”, 3rd World Congress of the Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology, Nagoja, Japonija.
2005 m. S.Ročka, E.Jažemskas. „Komos gydymas dešiniojo n. medianus stimuliacija“, KMU Neurochirurgijos klinikos ir Lietuvos neurochirurgų draugijos mokslinė praktikinė konferencija „Liekamieji reiškiniai po galvos smegenų traumos ir ligonių reabilitacija“, Birštonas, Lietuva.
2005 m. S.Ročka „Centrinės nervų sistemos radiologija“, Lietuvos operacinės slaugytojų draugijos konferencija „Neurochirurginių pacientų slaugos ypatumai“, Vilnius, Lietuva.
2006 m. S.Ročka, „Sunkios galvos traumos chirurginio gydymo taktika“, Lietuvos anesteziologų-reanimatologų draugijos konferencija „Nauji gaivinimo standartai. Sunki galvos trauma“, Vilnius, Lietuva.
2006 m. S.Ročka, A.Preikšaitis, „Epidemiology of head injury in Vilnius and Vilnius District”, 10th Congress of Baltic Neurosurgical Association and Conference of Neuronurses, Palanga, Lietuva.

Stendiniai pranešimai:
2000 m. Rocka S, Piper IR, Ragauskas A, Dunn L, Wyper D. „Non-invasive assessment of pressure autoregulation: feasibility of using bed tilting in both normal volunteers and head injured patients” Preliminary results // Proc. of 11th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Brain monitoring, Cambridge, UK.

Member of the International Brain-IT Group.

Passed the neurosurgeon examination at European Association of Neurosurgical Societies.

Member of Lithuanian Society of Neurosurgeons.


2007 – Award for work in the fields of neurosurgery and neurotraumatology granted by the University of Munster and “Baltikum” in the Foundation of Professor Scott Caspers.

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