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Stech Simona Oftalmologe

Doctor Stech Simona

Ophthalmologists (eye diseases)

Working hours
I (only operations)
II 9.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.

Licensed to practice in Lithuania and Sweden. Specializes in refractive eye surgery, consults on laser vision correction and performs surgeries using Trans PRK (SmartSurf), LASEK, and Femto LASIK methods.

Has performed over 1,700 laser vision correction surgeries.

The surgeon acquired professional experience at Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, one of the largest healthcare facilities in Lithuania, and eye laser surgery clinics in Stockholm and Malmö (Sweden).  

Close and high-quality relationship with each patient is important to the surgeon, and the greatest asset is the ability to bring back or improve the vision of patients and thus contribute to their quality of life. 

Patients about doctor

Justinas Simanskis
Thank you for your care and professional work that helped us see better! We wish you all strength in your professional field.
Thank you so much for your help and sincere care!
A very sincere and caring doctor.
Kornelija P
Simona treats several generations of our family. The doctor is always professional, answers all questions, and is very pleasant. I always trust her opinion. A big thank you!
Lina Valatkaite
A very professional and caring person. The best reviews to her.
Ieva Sruogaite
I visited this doctor during my pregnancy, she is especially attentive and gentle. When my child had dacryocystitis, there was not even a question of where to turn. The doctor taught and explained in detail how to behave and how to massage. Only the best reviews of this amazing doctor.

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