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Stulpinas Rokas Patologas

Doctor Stulpinas Rokas


Working hours

since 2015

professional experience

30 000+

examinations during the professional career

The physician provides consultations regarding the treatment of different changes in the tissues and organs, cell damages and their functional disorders, inflammatory processes and malignant formations.

The physician improves his professional qualification in various congresses and conferences as well as training course in Lithuania and foreign countries, including the Great Britain.

The physician is a co-author of different publications and articles published in the Lithuanian and international scientific editions.

Patients about doctor


2000 – 2007 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, medical doctor.

2008–2010 m. ISM University of Management and Economy, postgraduate manager studies.

2011–2015 Vilnius University, Faculty of Medicine, pathology residence studies programme.

Since 2015 – Medicine Diagnostics and Treatment Centre, physician pathologist.

Since 2015 – Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, physician pathologist.

2011 – 2015 State Pathology Centre, physician resident, physician assistant.

2006–2010Vilnius University Hospital. Santariškių Clinics, coordinator of clinical examinations, administrator.

Licence of physician pathologist.

The physician continuously improves his professional qualification in Lithuania and abroad.

He has published several publications in the professional area.

Gastronomy, cinema.

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