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Vorobjovas Tomas Ortopedas traumatologas

Doctor Vorobjovas Tomas

Orthopaedic traumatologists

Working hours
III 9.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
V 8.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.
II, IV (consults Lvivo g.101, Vilnius) 7.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.

since 2000

professional experience

50 000+

consultations since the start of clinical practice

3 000+

different orthopaedic surgeries since the start of clinical practice

Dr Vorobjovas specialises in non-surgical treatment of sports injuries. He is one of the top sports injury specialists in Lithuania and the doctor to the Lithuanian Olympic team, Vilnius Lietuvos Rytas basketball club and the Lithuanian National Kyokushin Karate team.  Dr Vorobjovas is also a manual therapy specialist.

He has over ten years of practical work experience gained at Vilnius University Hospital (formerly Vilnius Emergency Hospital), which is one of the largest hospitals in Lithuania. Dr Vorobjovas continues with his professional development in both Lithuania and abroad (UK, Belgium, Latvia).


1988 Tartu University Faculty of Medicine (Estonia), clinical and sports medicine.

Dr Vorobjovas specialises in non-surgical treatment of sports injuries.

1988–1989       Public Institution Šv. Jokūbo Hospital (formerly Vilnius 1-oji tarybinė Hospital), orthopaedic             traumatologist

1989–1991, 1998-now Public Institution Lithuanian Sports Medicine Centre, orthopaedic traumatologist, doctor to the Lithuanian Olympic Team

1991–2004       Public Institution Vilnius University Hospital, orthopaedic traumatologist

Since 1999       Private Company MSM klinika, orthopaedic traumatologist, sports medicine physician,   manual therapist

Since 2007       Lithuanian National Kyokushin Karate team, doctor

Since 2010       BC Lietuvos rytas Vilnius basketball club, doctor

Since2015        UAB SK Impeks Medical Diagnostic Centre, orthopaedic traumatologist

Doctor at Athens 2004 Olympic Games (Athens, Greece), 2008 Summer Olympics (Peking, China), London 2012 Olympic Games (London, UK).

Doctor orthopaedic-traumatologist

1998–1999 Manual therapy and myosceletal medicine professional development course for doctors, Riga Medical University, Riga, Latvia.

2002–2003 Cyriax orthopaedic medicine course, Belgium.

2005 Zero balancing professional development course for doctors, Exeter, UK.

Dr Vorobjovas teaches and delivers seminars to sports and health professionals on the muscular and skeletal injuries of athletes, acute and chronic trauma and their treatment.

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