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Zukauskiene Odeta Echoskopuotoja

Doctor Zukauskiene Odeta


Working hours
I 8.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
II, III 8.00 a.m.-2.00 p.m.

since 1997

professional experience

110 000+

echoscopies since the start of clinical practice

Dr Žukauskienė performs ultrasound of abdominal, pelvic and other internal organs, as well as breast ultrasound and biopsies.

She has attended various conferences and trainings in both Lithuania, and Romania.

Dr Žukauskienė is a member of the Lithuanian Doctors’ Union.

Patients about doctor


1993 Kaunas Medical Academy, doctor of medicine.

1993–1994 Doctor of medicine qualification.

1994–1997 General practice doctor’s qualification.

2000 Echoscopy doctor’s qualification.

Since 2006 Radiology residency at Vilnius University.

Dr Žukauskienė has been practicing as an echoscopist since 1997.

1997–2002 Kupiškis Hospital, Head of the Admissions Unit, doctor echoscopist.

2002–2005 Health care institution for the Ministry of the Interior, Vilnius Out-patient Clinic, general practice doctor, doctor echoscopist.

2005 Central branch of Santariškės Klinikos, doctor echoscopist.

2006 Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, doctor echoscopist.

General practice doctor’s licence.

Doctor echoscopist’s certificate.

Dr Žukauskienė continues her professional development both in Lithuania, and abroad.

Member of the Lithuanian Doctors’ Union since 2005.

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