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Your opinion about the provided services is very important to us. We strive to continually improve their quality and patient service culture.

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Piesina Eugenijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
I sincerely thank Doctor Eugenijus Piešina for his accurate diagnosis, treatment and warmth. He is really a professional in this area. In my situation (frozen shoulder), after three months of insomnia, my life changed thanks to him. Three months have passed after three epidural nerve blocks and I don’t feel any pain. Of course I very much hope that the pain will not come back and if that happens, I would be visiting Doctor Eugenijus again. With the greatest respect, I wish the doctor unfading energy, strength, health and success in his work. I also thank the Diagnostic Center for their professionalism, paying particular attention as soon as you open the door of the Center – from the cloakroom to the doctor. I was very surprised with how you warmly you communicate with patients, not looking down on them. Best of luck in your work, strength and health to your team. Respectfully, Ramutė Kizalavičienė

Ramutė Kizalavičienė

Navikas Vygandas Orthopaedic traumatologist
A perfect surgeon!  An attentive and caring doctor. I am pleased to have chosen this doctor for my foot surgery. I will have a surgery of the other foot too and if I need anything in the future I will see this doctor. Thank you very much for excellent care, wishing to you success!


Misevice Ausrine Ophthalmologist (eye diseases), Pediatric ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
My sincere thanks to Doctor A.Misevičė for the consultation, examination and surgery. She is just a great professional and a very pleasant doctor. We are pleased we visited you, I highly recommend the center. Thank you for being there.

Zana Goloburdo

MD Krivaitiene Dalia Ophthalmologist (eye diseases), Pediatric ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Dalia Krivaitienė is a true professional, a great doctor, sincere and pleasant. We are very grateful to her.

Dalia Dzafarova

Kirtiklis Aidas Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
I found out that cataract surgeries were performed in Vilnius and I became interested. I decided to learn more about this first. Since I am an older person, I decided to take a risk and go to Vilnius for surgery. I travelled to Lithuania in a comfortable 9-seater bus. Upon arrival in Vilnius, I was taken to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center. The employees of the clinic met me and provided everything to prepare for the surgery. Doctor Kirtiklis examined the my eyes and performed surgeries one after the other. My surgery took 20 minutes and was not painful at all. After the surgeries for all patients had been completed we were taken to a hotel where we spent the night. Early in the morning, we returned to the clinic, where a nurse removed the dressing from the eye, the doctor examined it and we left for home. Everything was very well organized, so all of us went home in a good mood. I am very pleased that I decided to have the surgery in Vilnius.

Ignacy Komarnicki

Kavaliauskiene Zaneta Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Thank you, doctor. You are a truly professional doctor. You saved my eye and provided me with the opportunity to see with both eyes. I will never stop thanking you. I wish you good health and great achievements in your work.

Marija Šimkonienė

Kavaliauskiene Zaneta Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
My sincere thanks to the doctor for her help during the lockdown, for her professionalism, humanity, and care. Thanks to the nursing personnel and other members of the team who worked on 14 April.

Rūta Mažeikienė

Aukstikalniene Milda Ophthalmologist (eye diseases)
Thank you very much to the doctor for listening and helping. Wishing you good health and success.

Ilona Deveikienė

MD Valeikiene Vaineta Neurologist
Sincere wishes and gratitude to you, dear doctor, for your sincerity and understanding what pain is. You are a wonderful, caring, and highly qualified specialist. Always remain like this.

Vita Jurkauskienė

MD Valeikiene Vaineta Neurologist
A wonderful physician, not only an excellent neurologist, but a physician, who listened to and understood my complaints and guided me in the direction towards recovery. Wishing her greatest success!


Sitkauskiene Ingrida Neurologist
A great doctor and a specialist in her field who always tries to help and treats the patient seriously rather than offhandedly ... I wish the doctor success in her work and personal life. Thank you.

Nerijus Stankevičius

MD Sereike Ieva Neurologist
I would like to thank Doctor Ieva ... super human being and physician ... I am very pleased, she identified the problem, she is pleasant and competent. Good luck and good health to you.


The disease found me unexpectedly and was difficult to cure. A few years ago, I had problems with my memory and then I lost consciousness. We knew there were wonderful doctors in Lithuania and looked for help. One of these doctors was the neurologist, Professor Rūta Mameniškienė, MD. She personally selected the treatment methodology for me and reassured me that my memory would return and that my epilepsy would be controlled by medicines. I can rejoice now as my memory came back and I have not had any epileptic seizures for over five years. I would like to thank Professor Mameniškienė for her professionalism, dedication to her profession and wish her good health and further share her experience. I would like to thank the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center for the professionalism of its doctors. The doctors of this Center have performed several surgeries and treated other diseases. Laimutis Regelskis, Vilnius.

Laimutis Regelskis, Vilnius

Januskeviciute Audra Neurologist
A very pleasant doctor. She explained everything in detail and prescribed treatment. I would like to thank the doctor for her sincerity and professionalism. I would also like to thank the nurse – a pleasant and helpful person, I was surprised and satisfied with how I was treated and with the interaction. My best regards to the doctor.

Violeta L

Fisas Jokubas Neurologist
I thank Dr Fišas for help treating my back pain, professionally performed procedures, wisdom and spiritual support. Thank you for your advice, for your warm and sincere conversation. Thank you for your empathy.

Ana Sokolova