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MD Mecejus Gediminas Gynaecologist obstetrician
Attention to the patient before and after surgery, broad smile and excellent sense of humour. Professionalism and competence, sincere communication and patience. This man was born to be a doctor, whose easy hand is performing miracles. I am writing about Dr Gediminas Mečėjus. You gain wings after the surgery and the pain fades into insignificance.

Alma Vidžiūnienė

MD Mecejus Gediminas Gynaecologist obstetrician
I would like to thank Doctor Gediminas Mečėjus for the successful surgery; his professionalism, competence, sense of humour, positive attitude and overall approach to patients and their treatment are second to none. I was delighted with everything:). My post-operative period went well, it was like as if nothing had happened. No stress before or after the operation. Thank you again! I am pleased to have met doctor Dr Gediminas and his golden hands!