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Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
Hi. I wish to thank my doctor Rimas for performing knee surgery on 10 August 2020. The doctor is very professional and I wish him success and good health in his work. I would also like to thank the nursing personnel for pleasant communication and good care. Good luck to you in the future.

Ricardas Buzinskas

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
Bengt Brustad, chief operating officer of the Reval Hotel Group in the Baltics owned by the Norwegian real estate investment company Linstow shares his unforgettable impressions of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center. “I came to Lithuania to supervise the beginning of the reconstruction of the Takioji Neris Hotel in Kaunas which had been newly acquired by the group when I had a rupture of the knee meniscus. I was recommended by my colleague to contact the clinic. I had surgery and had to stay in the clinic overnight. The next morning I got up and left on my own, without any help. The pain was severe, but the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center soon took us in. Doctor Darijus Rimas, who subsequently performed the surgery, calmed me down quickly with his communication skills. Almost all the personnel of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center speak English. I admit that these were the most impressive medical services that I have ever experienced. I would like to add that the treatment which was paid for by BUPA insurance from the United Kingdom is an aspiration for such countries as Sweden. I was given a detailed explanation regarding the surgery. I felt safe and comfortable in the room. The nurse was very pleasant and helpful and the service was excellent".

Bengt Brustad

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
Hello, Doctor Rimas, I am very grateful for the great care you provided during my recent visits to the Center (I suffered a head injury as a result of a road accident). Your assurance during the treatment gave me confidence and helped me overcome the many fears I had. I had the difficult role of being a patient in an alien country because of my poor Lithuanian, but your English was excellent. I would like to convey my sincere wishes to my nurse (unfortunately I don’t remember her name), who was understanding, warm and smiling and gave me confidence. She was totally dedicated to her profession. Today I have a meeting with the doctor to discuss the recovery process. Thank you once again for your sincerity and professionalism.

Terry Gregory

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
I thank Doctor Rimas for the successful meniscus surgery. I was not nervous and didn’t feel tense before the surgery, on the contrary, I trusted the specialists and wanted the surgery performed as soon as possible. I liked the team of the center; they answered all my questions and provided wonderful care. I felt very good after the operation, because I was no longer in pain. (Photo by Lukas Balandis)

Evaldas Petrauskas

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
I am a cardiologist from Saint-Petersburg and once I absolutely accidentally heard about a wonderful healthcare centre at 32 Grybo Street in Vilnius and a great surgeon Darius Rimas. Indeed, this clinic should be known to anyone who has surgical issues with joints (a knee, a hip joint or a foot). I admire the professionalism of the entire medical staff of the Centre and, in particular, my kind-hearted trauma surgeon Darius Rimas and the anaesthesiologist Dinara Karanevska who have managed to overcome a very serious manifestation of Hallux Vallgux. I thank everyone for their empathy, kind attitude and excellent work. Great job! Keep it up!

Ina Brodskaja, cardiologist (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
Laba diena, Mr Rimas,
I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for looking after me so well on my recent visits to your clinic (head wound from road accident).
Your calmness of approach and reassurance throughout the procedures gave me a great deal of confidence and displaced many of my fears.
It was not easy being a "patient" in a foreign country, particularly when I did not speak very much Lithuanian and your command of English was excellent.
Would you also pass on my very best wishes to the nurse (whose name I did not get) who cared for me with sensitivity, warmth and whose smile provided a great deal of reassurance to me, she is an absolute credit to her profession.
I have an appointment to see my own doctor today to review my progress.
Once again many thanks for your kindness and professionalism.

With very best wishes, Terry Gregory, England

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
One delighted patient at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center at the end of November was Bengt Brustad, COO of the pan-Baltic Reval Hotels chain, which is owned by the Norwegian real estate investment company Linstow.
”I was in Lithuania to oversee the start of the reconstruction of the chain’s newly acquired Taikioji Neris hotel in Kaunas, when I suffered a serious torn meniscus in my knee. A colleague of mine recommended me the clinic, where I had surgery, stayed overnight, and then walked out without assistance the following morning.
The pain was terrible, but I managed to make an appointment at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center at very short notice. Darijus Rimas, MD, who later did the surgery, immediately put me at easy by his ability to communicate. Almost everyone at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center speaks English. I can honestly say that it was the most impressive medical service I’ve ever experienced.
In addition to that, the treatment, which I paid for by my BUPA health insurance in the UK, was an improvement on countries like Sweden.
I was given detailed explanations about the surgery. I felt safe and comfortable in my room. The nurse was very kind and helpful and the service was really excellent.”

Bengt Brustad, Reval Hotels COO

Rimas Darijus Orthopaedic traumatologist
My time at the MDC was very comfortable. The nurses and Dr. Darijus Rimas were very nice and patient with me. There wasn‘t a language barier because most of them communicated well in English with me. Dr. Rimas is very intelligent and was very helpful in helping me understand what my options were as well as the best approach to solving the problem. The operation was a successful one and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to have my recovery start here in such great care.

Jonathan Lee, Siauliu „Siauliai“ basketball club player