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MD Rudaitis Vilius Gynaecologist obstetrician
I was treated in connection with an oncological disease and I have been under the doctor for six years. During my illness there were often complex questions about treatment methods and he always managed to resolve them. He has always found time to discuss the situation and to get advice from professionals in the relevant field in the USA. He is very attentive and understands the mood swings of women. He is able to explain the behaviour of the disease in a way that is easy to understand. He always finds time in his busy schedule to talk and, if necessary, to comfort. He also successfully operated on my mother. It should be noted that other doctors (including from other cities) know him well and have a very high opinion of him. So, the women in our family really recommend this doctor as the best specialist in the field in Lithuania:)

Viktorija Stolovickaja

MD Rudaitis Vilius Gynaecologist obstetrician
My sincere thanks to the doctor for his care and warmth. Although the surgery was not complicated, I was still nervous and worried. I would like to hope that every patient could meet a doctor who can communicate in such a simple, warm and calm manner. The same can be said about the entire staff – I am grateful to the staff in the registration unit, nurses and anaesthetist. Thank you all.

Jolita Ruseckienė