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Songaila Alfredas Abdominal surgeon
I have been living in the UK for 14 years, and I have never had any serious health problems until May this year, when I was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia; this was my first experience with the NHS (National Health Service, the body that provides health services). During my visit to the GP (general practitioner or family doctor), I was told that a week later I would receive a letter from the hospital with the date for the consultation with the surgeon. Almost four weeks passed, and I hadn’t received the letter. After contacting my family doctor to find out what was going on, I was told that I would have to wait two months to see the surgeon and to wait up to six months for the surgery. One of my relatives suggested travelling to Lithuania to the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Vilnius to have the surgery. Without further ado I contacted one of the managers of the Center, Gitana Matiušovienė. She made an appointment for me with a surgeon and suggested calling International Medical Care in London regarding compensation for the treatment in Lithuania. When I called, I learned that this company would cover all my treatment costs in Lithuania, once I provided statements regarding the diagnosis and payment receipts with translation into English. Once I arrived in Lithuania I went to the Center straight away for my appointment with the surgeon, Alfredas Songaila. I was met by the manager, Gitana Matiušovienė. She helped to complete all the required documents and then escorted me to the doctor. When the surgeon had finished examining me, he recommended surgery for my hernia. I didn’t hesitate for a minute and agreed. The surgery was scheduled for a few days' later. I was surprised as there were no queues like in the UK there. On the date of the surgery I was placed in a single occupancy ward. It could not have been more comfortable: a TV, a comfortable bed, a separate bathroom, but above all peace and quiet. I was surrounded by attentive professional staff. After the surgery, everything went well. The nurses frequently came to check how I was. A few hours after the surgery the manager, Gitana, paid a visit asking about my health and whether everything was OK. The next day I left the hospital as everything was fine. Gitana, helped to arrange all the necessary documents to obtain compensation in the UK for the treatment. It could not have been better. I would like to thank all the staff of the Center and, in particular, my surgeon, Alfredas Sonaila, for such professional treatment and the manager, Gitana Matiušovienė, for her support and care during the treatment. This is one of the best medical centres I have ever been treated at.

Igor Kolganov

Songaila Alfredas Abdominal surgeon
My heartfelt thanks go to my surgeon, Alfredas Songaila, and the staff of the unit. I had gall bladder removal surgery. Top quality health care centre, great attention and services from the personnel. I was pleased with the visit.

Alex Popov