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2019 08 16

Dreaming of plumper lips or trying beauty injections? This is what a doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery has to say

Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures

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We are living in times when we have the possibility to create our appearance in a way that we feel is the most beautiful. In just a few hours, we can change not just a hairdo but also certain facial features. To achieve this, simple but effective procedures – beauty injections – are at our disposal with lip enhancement by hyaluronic injections being the most popular. If you are dreaming of plumper lips and deliberating whether it’s worthwhile relying on the beauty specialists, read what Gabrielė Latakaitė, a doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, has to say.

Helps resolve facial asymmetry problems

“Congenital lip asymmetry and cases when the width of the upper and lower lip differs noticeably are among the most frequent motivations for women to ask for hyaluronic injections. This often becomes a cause for worry about their appearance, and the reason why younger and older women decide to open the doors of plastic and aesthetic procedure specialists,” Dr. Latakaitė explains, adding that injections intended for the lips comprise as much as 45% of all procedures she performs.

According to the doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery, this procedure is chosen both by young and mature women. The latter notice that with age the lips start losing their youthful plumpness, vertical wrinkles appear around them, and fillers help solve this problem. Naturally, in some cases this procedure is chosen purely out of aesthetic considerations, seeing that plump lips are generally associated with youth, beauty, and sexuality.

No special preparation required

Such popularity of hyaluronic injections, according to Gabrielė Latakaitė, is determined by the fact that this procedure is minimally invasive, performed quickly, and does not require any special preparation.

Dr Gabriele Latakaite

“This procedure can be performed at any time, any day. Often, women come straight after work. The procedure doesn’t necessitate any preparation, it’s just important that the woman is well, is not taking antibiotics, and does not have active herpes or lesions or wounds on the lips or tissues surrounding them,” the doctor explained.

She says that the procedure itself takes about 30 minutes. First, the area for the procedure is anesthetized using a special gel, then the filler is injected using a special syringe. After the procedure, swelling can be felt, which eventually subsides.

The actual results of the procedure can be seen after two weeks after the intumescence has subsided. If required, the procedure may then be repeated.

What is this hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronan, also referred to as hyaluronic acid, is a natural acid produced by the human body that is noted for a special feature – the accumulation of moisture. It is estimated that one molecule of hyaluronan can attract as many as 1,000 water molecules. Because of this, it is particularly important for maintaining the moisture balance and elasticity of the skin. Unfortunately, with years, the production of hyaluronan in the body diminishes, making the signs of aging more visible.

No longer a luxury

According to the doctor of plastic and aesthetic surgery, today almost every woman can afford to use aesthetic procedures and solve appearance issues that concern them. “Certain procedures now cost no more than a few visits to a beauty salon and considering the results in the long term, the price is not high. These procedures are generally chosen by women who want to correct certain facial features and remain looking younger for longer because aesthetic procedures allow for achieving a result that will survive for several years – and in some cases, even your entire life – within a relatively short period of time,” stressed Gabrielė Latakaitė.

Striving for natural results

According to Dr. Gabrielė Latakaitė, certain trends are observed in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery. For example, the golden age of very plump (so-called “duck”) lips that were so popular a few years ago has now passed. Increasingly, more women tend to strive for naturalness when choosing aesthetic procedures. Their aim is to subtly emphasize its natural facial features rather than achieve an obviously unrealistic appearance.

The doctor also noted that both men and women are becoming more courageous in frequenting doctors of plastic and aesthetic surgery because experienced specialists and perfected methodologies help to effectively resolve the most diverse aesthetic and other problems and allow people to enjoy long-lasting results.