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2019 07 05

Elena from vilnius decided to try a special beauty injection – and didn’t expect such results

Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Procedures

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Vilniete Elena ryzosi isbandyti ypatinga grozio injekcija tokiu rezultatu nesitikejo

Tiny wrinkles, fatigue, less firm skin – this would be the mirror reflection of many women above the age of 45. An artist and jeweller, Elena believes that every one of us should care about our appearance. That is why she doesn’t reconcile with the signs of age on her face but bravely fights them. A resident of Vilnius who decided to share her experience, she openly reveals the things she decided to try and the fears she had to overcome to once again be satisfied with glowing and youthful skin.

Friends were not able to change her mind

We try lots of cosmetic products, lose hope, calm down after eating one more portion of ice-cream, but as we look at the mirror for the hundredth time, a thought again arises – is there some way to stop time or maybe even delete five years or so? Elena is open – like all women, she cares about her appearance, likes to smarten up both herself and others, enjoys life, and wants to try different innovations. Various procedures are no exception. “I’m 55. I had an eyelid correction done and I’ve tried botulin toxin, so it’s normal that I follow new developments and ways to correct my appearance and rejuvenate the skin. I heard about the Bionutrilift procedure and saw the video online, but the first impression was that it was painful because the face had to be pricked,” Elena began.before bionutrilift procedure

To find out more, she read various articles and finally decided to visit Renaldas Vaičiūnas, a doctor of plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, to get more information. After reading about the ingredients of the injections, Elena felt calmer and everything became clearer, so she decided to try it. Elena straightforwardly says that her friends, although not opposed to plastic surgery, tried to talk her out of it. “One of my friends had a facelift, but this is an extreme measure. I believe you should preserve what you have and rejuvenate it. I told them that four holes will be made, so they thought it would hurt. But if the procedure helps you feel better, then why not? I don’t follow any myths; I am for progress. I don’t understand people who increase some part of their bodies and then have problems with it,” Elena explains.

Euphoria replaced worry as she saw the results

Elena admits that she was very anxious before the procedure about any pain or bruising that might appear. 

“When making the injections, they kept asking how I felt. To say the truth, I think a mosquito bite is more painful. I only felt a slight pulling and no pain. I was surprised that after the injections I was able to go back to my usual routine – there was no bruising or discomfort, and the results were obvious. After just a few hours, the skin became fresher and more glowing. My friends keep asking where I went on holiday to look so rejuvenated,” Elena smiles as she shares her experience about the Bionutrilift procedure.


Elena is happy that she can also forget about sagging skin on the jaw, because it has become firmer, is no longer flabby, and the ageing process was stopped. All changes are visible, but Elena also notices that this procedure changes and rejuvenates very naturally. No matter how strongly we want to change, the key thing when planning operations or injections is to apply to professionals who can be trusted and who will ensure the desired result.

The ways to preserve youthfulness are shrouded in myths

“Bionutrilift injections are recommended for people whose facial skin looks grey, flabby and deprived of elasticity. By merging these two methods – skin lift and biostimulation – the first results are noticeable immediately,” commented Dr Vaičiūnas, a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, who performed the procedure. “During the procedure, a minimum quantity of NCTF mesotherapy cocktail and hyaluronic acid is injected in four places. This duet improves skin quality, restores the volume of the face and reduces the wrinkles. After the injections, Elena’s skin immediately became smoother and firmer,” he explained.

Before Bionutrilift procedure After Bionutrilift procedure
                                 Before treatment                                   After treatment

The doctor emphasized that beauty is shrouded in a multitude of myths. The most common of these include the patient being in pain or with bruising or their faces looking unnatural after the procedure. However, the injections done by inserting a cannula are safe; the face’s skin is damaged minimally, so the patient can go back to their regular lives immediately after the procedure or go on holiday, and it’s not necessary to avoid the sun. This is a great advantage for women. The procedure can be performed both for skin ageing prevention and for correcting the signs of ageing.