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Venslovas Julius masazatuojas

Doctor Venslovas Julius

Massage Therapist

Working hours
I-V 8.00 a.m.-12.00 a.m.
VI 8.00 a.m -12.00 a.m.

since 2004 m.

professional experience


procedures during the professional career

Julius Venclovas offers massages to patients of all ages, including infants. He specializes in full-body therapeutic massages and vibration massages (to ease cough, treat bronchitis). He also gives massages to postoperative patients, to those who want to restore their health, who have spinal issues, and to athletes in need of a muscle power boost.


2013 – massage therapist, Centre of Excellence and Specialization of Nursing Staff.

2004-2007 – Professional Bachelor’s in rehabilitation and ergotherapy, Faculty of Healthcare, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences VIKO.

From 2010-onwards massage therapist, Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

2010 – massage therapist, basketball club ‘Sakalai’.

2008-2009 – massage therapist, basketball club ‘Ežerūnas-Karys’.

2008-2009 – massage therapist, body care (body wraps and scrubs), Red Orange SPA in Cyprus.

2007 – massage therapist, East Island SPA Druskininkai.

2007 – body care specialist, Idzumi SPA, Sensus Novus, UAB.

2006 – massage therapist, Ayurveda Centre ‘Shanti’.

Massage therapist licence.

Licence in infant and paediatric massage.

Relaxing and toning massage techniques training certificate.

Relaxing anti-stress massage training certificate.

Kerala Ayurvedic massage course certificate.

Certificate in Sports Rehabilitation.

As part of her continuous professional development, Julius Venslovas regularly participates in training courses and conferences.

Julius loves watching basketball, exercising at home, cycling, travelling in Lithuania; he spends a lot of time in nature and enjoys sauna.

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