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Rectoscopy –an  examination of the rectum and anus  using a device with an optical system and a light source - a rectoscope.
During the examination, polyps may be removed and a biopsy - a piece of tissue for further examination can be taken.

Rectoscopy is recommended if:

  • blood or mucus is found in the stool, 
  • you suffer suffer from constipation or diarrhoea, 
  • you feel pain, itching in the anus, 
  • you feel pain in the lower abdomen, 
  • you experience sudden weight loss, 
  • anaemia is diagnosed.

The examination helps to diagnose rectal lesions caused by a disease or radiation therapy, or cancer.
The test is painless, though often unpleasant for the patient.
No special preparation is needed for the examination.

Rectoscopy price

Hila standard price Eur with a referral letter Hila For clients who are covered by compulsory health insurance
Regular price Regular For clients who are not covered by compulsory health insurance
Preparation for rectoscopy

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Rectoscopy (with digital examination and anoscopy)

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Taking of biopsy specimen (during gastroscopy, colonoscopy and rectoscopy)

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What factors affect the price?

The prices indicated below apply to citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union.
If you are coming from another country please check the price by telephoning or sending an email.

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Why it is worth choosing us

  • The examination is carried out by the qualified, highly experienced professionals.
  • Modern, safe and reliable medical equipment from the world's leading manufacturers is used. 
  • All endoscopes and their accessories are disinfected and sterilized in accordance with hygiene standards and ISO procedures.

Good to know

Depending on the patient's condition and preference, sedation (calming medicine) may be used dring all endoscopy procedures except rectoscopy. The examination is supervised by an anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist and a  patient does not experience any discomfort.


How is the examination performed?

The patient is lying on the side during the examination, slightly bound. A special device - a narrow surgical tube that is used to inspect tissue, is inserted through the anus, up to a depth of 30 cm.
The duration of the examination is 30 minutes.

After the examination

There are no restrictions after the examination.


MD  Radziunas Gintautas
MD Radziunas Gintautas

Coloproctologist, Endoscopist, Abdominal surgeon

  • language LT, EN, RU
  • Working hours
Sileikiene Nijole
Sileikiene Nijole

Abdominal surgeon, Endoscopist

  • language LT, RU, EN
  • Working hours
Assoc. prof., MD  Dulskas Audrius
Assoc. prof., MD Dulskas Audrius

Surgeon, Coloproctologist

  • language LT, RU, EN, DE
  • Working hours
Prof. MD  Samalavicius Narimantas Evaldas
Prof. MD Samalavicius Narimantas Evaldas

Abdominal surgeon, Coloproctologist

  • language LT, RU, EN
  • Working hours

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