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2020 05 25

Irish - Lithuanian boy enjoying childhood again thanks to doctors in his homeland


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We would like to introduce you to Aronas and his mum Kristina who have kindly agreed to share their emotional story with us. Their situation will probably sound familiar to many other Lithuanian families living in Ireland. Aronas has been bothered by sore throats since early childhood and had had many different antibiotics before he and his mum finally decided to go back to their native Lithuania and put his health into doctors’ hands there. In Lithuania, highly experienced and respected doctors helped Aronas to forget the health problems that had prevented him from enjoying his childhood to the full.

Chronic tonsillitis since early childhood

Kristina tells us that she has been trying to make a life for herself in Dublin, Ireland, for over 10 years now. She lives there with her 11-year-old son Aronas. Aronas is now presenting as an active and happy boy but he has been suffering from chronic tonsillitis since early childhood, with acute episodes occurring at least several times every year. Aronas’ mum Kristina says that she cannot even recall all the types and quantities of antibiotics that her son has taken. All this, however, was before she finally decided to turn to doctors in her native Lithuania for help.

Aronas in hospital

Photo: The Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre ENT Doctor E. Morozaitė with her patient Aronas from Ireland

“Aronas used to get sick from the time he was very small. He was prescribed antibiotics on a regular basis – at least 5–6 times per year. We kept asking at the hospital in Ireland when could he have surgery? When could we see a consultant? After three years of waiting and constant use of antibiotics, we decided to look for the solution in our country. We did our research on-line and decided to make an appointment at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre in Vilnius to see Dr Ernesta Morozaitė. We were delighted to find that all on-line comments about her were most positive, and there wasn’t a single bad comment,” says Kristina.

Fully met expectations

Tonsillectomy for Aronas was performed by otorhinolaryngologist Dr E. Morozaitė at the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, in the Antakalnis area of Vilnius. His mum says that the doctor who advised them and performed the surgery on her son has met their expectations in full. Aronas is finally happy as he no longer needs to worry about taking his medicine according to a strict schedule.

“Our expectations have been fully met by the Centre and by the doctor. We found that the patient and thorough explanation of the procedure provided by the doctor before the surgery was very reassuring: she explained what would happen and how it would be done, and what would happen after the procedure. She answered all of our questions. The care was also great, the nurses kept checking on my son after the surgery to see if there was anything he needed,” says Kristina of her impressions of the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre.

Aronas, who dreams of becoming a policeman in Lithuania when he grows up, wants to encourage his peers and their parents who are thinking about a tonsillectomy. “There’s really no need to be afraid. I took two or three breaths and fell asleep. It was a little bit difficult immediately after the surgery, but I feel great now. Super thank you to the doctor for everything that she has done,” the eleven-year-old says of his experience.

Possibility of reimbursement of medical costs was another reason to have treatment in Lithuania

Aronas’ mum says that there was also another reason which made her decision in favour of Lithuania and the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, and that was the possibility to claim medical expenses back from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in Ireland.

At the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, customers like Kristina and her son Aronas are assisted by personal customer service managers. They not only help to schedule doctor visits or surgery times, but also assist in completing the documents that Lithuanians who have moved abroad, or residents from other countries, bring with them in order to claim reimbursement of the medical costs incurred. If necessary, managers can contact their partners in the customer’s country of residence for advice on the procedure of medical cost reimbursement in their country, which can also help to complete the entire process.

Kristina had learned about this possibility before coming to Lithuania, and so she started completing the documents for medical cost reimbursement without delay. In such cases, the Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Centre is always happy to provide the necessary extracts and other documents, and even get them translated into English, if required.

More information on claiming reimbursement for medical costs incurred can be found here.

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