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Vitamin and microelement tests

Vitamin and microelement tests are recommended for anyone who has symptoms atypical to a healthy person (fatigue, weakness, etc.), takes or is thinking of taking food supplements, works out professionally, is planning a pregnancy, is a vegetarian and/or vegan, or has conditions, which may inhibit dietary absorption of vitamins and microelements.

You do not have to schedule an appointment in advance, you can simply check in at reception and request to be tested.

Vitamin tests are done on a blood sample.

Find out how to prepare for the test by clicking THIS LINK.

How will I get my test results?

  • For the most common tests, the results will be prepared in 1 day, other tests may require up to 2 weeks.
    The report can be picked up at the reception or we can send it via email at your request.
  • Unsure how to interpret the results? Call the lab, phone: (8 5) 247 64 17.